A time for change



For a while now I have only been writing about music, something which I think is holding me back. Studying music journalism at university has given me this ridiculous idea that I am supposed to be writing about music and only music. This was stopping from doing what I love most, writing. At times I found myself not wanting to write as I didn’t want to only write about music. 

I wanted to challenge myself with writing about topics that I have not tried before, but I did not feel like I had a space online where I could do that. So now I am giving myself the freedom to do more of what I love with a change in name and brand. 

Today marks the birth of Young Creative Press, an online site talking about all forms of entertainment. This new website is going to still focus a lot on music, but will also follow other passions of mine; books, TV and film. (You may all now take the time to mourn Young Music Press).

Done mourning? Ok great. Now back to business as usual (kinda).

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