Music Review: Got To Be You by The Bros. Landreth


© Roberta Landreth


The Bros. Landreth are a bluesy americana group from Winnipeg, Canada. Soulful vocal harmonies, a grooving rhythm section, beautiful melodies and guitar solos make you grin from ear to ear or just as easily melt your heart. If any of these tick the boxes in your mind then The Bros. Landreth are the perfect band for you. Their debut album ‘Let It Lie’ was the perfect blend of emotional ballads such as ‘Greenhouse’ and rocking traditional blues tunes such as ‘Going To The Country’. The blend between songwriting and musicianship on every song was unrivalled yet they still manage to make each note feel human. The following record ‘Undercover Bros.’ picked up where they left off showed the versatility of the band. The album opens with ‘Let Em In’, a song by pop legend Paul McCartney, to a cover of ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ by Calvin Harris and Disciples. 

The new single takes all the previous work and rolls it into one fantastic composition. ‘Got to Be You’ has a vintage vibe that grooves in a beautiful way. The influence of classic American band ‘Little Feat’ is very apparent in all aspects. Joey’s identifiable hooky melodies are my favourite part of the bands sound and ‘Got to Be You’ is no exception. After one listen I felt that this song was engraved in my brain and it hasn’t left since. If this rest of the Bros. incoming music is half as indulging as this release the album, titled ’87’, is certain to become an instant favourite of mine.

You can buy ‘Got to Be You’ here

You can pre-order ’87’ here

You can listen to ‘Got to Be You’ on Spotify below:

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