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Hannah Rebekah is an American singer-songwriter who loves to travel. Living in England for the summer she has recorded five singles at Brighton Road Recording Studios. For the past 10 years, Hannah has been travelling the world, playing all around the US and even venturing as far out as Japan and Vietnam. With an EP set to be released early 2020 and a single on October 4th, I’m interested to see what this vibrant artist has to offer next.  

Who is Hannah Rebekah? Hannah grew up in a small, conservative town in Wisconsin. “Being privileged enough to have the opportunity to get outside of the United States and away from the America-the-Great myths completely transformed my worldview and now informs my songs”. When listening to her music you can tell that Hannah writes songs that have a lot of meaning to not just herself, but also confront issues that others face themselves.   

Her vocal tone is nothing shy of whimsical and her songs hold a constant energy that has a real feel-good feeling. However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. Her latest release ‘Government for the People’ focuses on the treatment of immigrant families in the US. “The song is meant to be a call to compassion and a hopeful reminder of the inclusive country the United States could and should be.” Taking a political stance in the music that you write is always a bold move to make, however, Hannah pulls this off extremely well. Her music is never brash and confronts sensitive topics such as the treatment of immigrants in a light way without losing sight of the real issues. This is something that I admire about her music.    

© Felicia Sewerinsson

Her latest single ‘A Day Can Change Your Whole Existence’ is set to be released on October 4th and I was kindly given the opportunity to hear it before its release. The song has an enjoyable uplifting feeling and Hannah’s vocal tone is silvery in quality and is similar to the likes of Lauren Mayberry from CHVRCHES. I don’t often listen to indie-folk music however I found myself feeling pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the song. 

The song has a lot of meaning to Hannah, “To me personally, it’s a reminder that life can change for the better in an instant. Several years ago, I was in an abusive relationship that lasted for a few years. I had all but stopped writing songs and performing, aside from a show here or there, and I found myself stagnant in a life I didn’t recognise or want.” Personally, I am in awe of Hannah with how she overcame that adversity in the past and found a way to spin it into such an uplifting song. When mentioning her past relationship in the song, Hannah is referring to it as just that, the past. “The line is, ‘You were that for me, a life I don’t remember anymore.’ It is the only line of the song that refers to the past though. The rest is the relief of knowing that it’s possible for circumstances to change, as well as the joy to be found in meeting new people and trying to connect with them on a soul level.”

A Day Can Change Your Whole Existence is definitely a song I would recommend if you are looking for a boost in happiness.

Listen to Hannah’s latest release Government for the People below:

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