Book Review: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater


I have owned The Raven Boys for years and years and for some reason have never picked it up. This is something that I am definitely regretting now. I think the reason why I was constantly putting it off is that I had only heard good things about the entire series and I didn’t want to be disappointed as I had definitely over-hyped it in my mind. But honestly, I really loved this book.

I had no idea what the story was actually about before starting and from the tagline on the cover; “If you kiss your true love, he will die”. I thought that it would be romance heavy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although there are definite signs that certain characters like each other and will probably end up together, this is not something that is talked about often or played out in the first book. This is one thing that I really loved about the story. Too often in YA fiction characters are instantly falling in love at 16 and it’s just not very realistic. Don’t get me wrong I am often a fan of the old insta love trope but I find it so refreshing when authors don’t do it. 

The story for those who have not read it follows Blue Sargent, the daughter of a psychic who is not one herself. Although she comes from a family of psychics, Blue’s psychic ability is more in the sense that she is a battery for those around her. During St Mark’s Eve, a night where the spirits of those who will die within the next year roam around a churchyard, Blue is helping her Aunt Neeve to write down the names of the spirits so they can be forewarned about their death. Unable to see the spirits normally, Blue is startled when she sees a boy wearing a jumper from the fancy private school Aglionby. When confronted the boy tells her that he is Gansey and “that’s all there is”.

Firstly let’s talk about the fact that this book is about psychics, pretty cool right? I don’t think I have ever read a book about psychics before so that instantly made this book exciting for me. 

The storyline of The Raven Boys is one that was interesting from start to finish. However I would say that it took me way too long to properly get into it, this was probably down to the fact that I was only able to read around two chapters at a time as I am so busy. I will say however if I did have the chance to actually sit down and read I would have devoured this book. 

The characters of The Raven Boys are so endearing that it’s hard not to like them, including rough around the edges Ronan. Firstly there’s Blue. She is a very refreshing YA main character, unlike other female main characters in the genre she dresses in an eccentric way, often in clothes of her own making. She also doesn’t have the stereotypical long flowing locks that you more than often find.  

This book is one that I feel almost anyone can enjoy. Without the angst and cliche of normal YA, this book and its entire series has the potential to become one of my favourites.

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