Music Review: Creature of the Deep by Ahsoka

Ahsoka Artwork
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Creature of the Deep is the third release by alternative rock band Ahsoka. Keeping an all too common genre of rock exciting is not an easy thing to do however as a three piece with a vocalist, guitarist, drummer and no bassist, the band are doing just that. The absence of a bass player is not something that is easily noticed with Ahsoka. They are not lacking in anyway and use this as a tool for making themselves stand out in what can be seen as the oversaturated Brighton music scene. Using pedals and DIs to emulate a bass sound Ahsoka offers a unique twist on conventional rock.  

The storytelling in Creature of the Deep is an insidious tale. The story tells the tale of a sea creature living in the depths of the Brighton sea who can sense the tormenting and harassing desires of despicable men. When these men get close the huntress-like creature preys on them and marks them up as her next meal. When the day finally comes that the world is rid of such heinous harassment and her appetite has been whet, the creature will return to the depths. Would these vile predators still exist if there was an unrelenting huntress, a creature of the deep on the loose looking for them? Do not feed her. Fear her.

Opening with a menacing guitar Creature of the Deep entices you into its clutches and holds you captive on a knife‘s edge. With an eerie feeling from the get-go this song is instantly unskippable as you feel the need to know what is going on and what is happening next.   


The main body of the song bursts in with an intensity that is pure electric. The chugging of the guitar strings sounding like a siren, as pictured in the artwork, dragging you further and further down into the dark depths. Whether this is the desired effect or a coincidence of great songwriting the body of music works well at creating the image of the creature, an image which will stay with you long after listening to her tale.  

Rhiannon’s vocals in the chorus punch you in the face with a ferocity that is becoming synonymous with the explosive trio. The vocal line and lyrics of the chorus are sung with such raw emotion that Rhiannon is at some points growling the words and almost begging the listener to join the fight with the huntress who is the creature of the deep. 

Ahsoka are a formidable force when it comes to songwriting. The band showcase incredible musicality and write songs, unlike any other band. With such uniqueness comes an instant likability to their music, even though at times it is far from conventional. The lyrics for Creature of The Deep are no exception to this. With a strong story and phrases that are instantly memorable such as “Practice What You Preach, You’re Good Enough To Eat” and “Appetition Laces Her Poison Teeth”, with the latter half being screamed back at them at live shows, the song is catchy without meaning to be.  

Creature of the Deep ends all too quickly leaving the listener feeling uneasy and unsure of what to do after. This is something that Ahsoka does well with their music and especially their live performances. It seems this is an effect that they want to create with their music and all I can say is that it is definitely working.   

With each release, Ahsoka are going from strength to strength and are becoming a force to be reckoned with.

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