Music Review: Oh Well by Ahsoka


Brighton rock band Ahsoka have yet again stepped up the game with their latest release Oh Well

Who are Ahsoka?

Ahsoka are an alternative rock three piece with a twist. Formed at university in 2018 by Rhiannon John (vocals), Alex Amos (guitar/bass) and Tommy Dowse (drums) the band are making a name for themselves in the Brighton music scene. Without a bass player the band are not lacking in any way. Using pedals and DIs to emulate a bass sound Ahsoka offer a unique twist on conventional rock.

Dripping in influence from Nirvana and Radiohead the band offer a perfect combination of the two with a gut-punching female vocal. Coupling their sombre, ambient sound with an intense and honest performance, Ahsoka are standing for a musical experience that all can enjoy. “Our favourite experiences as a band are when we are performing together and sharing our energy and passion with people of any gender who love the music we love”.

© Molly John

The artwork for this single is the perfect fit and Molly John has done an amazing job once again creating such an interesting piece of art. 

The main riff can only be described as energetic and it definitely gives me vibes of an angry wasp. With lyrics filled with so much anger, it is no surprise that the mascot for this song would be a wasp. 

What is interesting to see is that the band have left behind their usual melancholic sound which was in full display for their debut EP What Bends and Breaks and have chosen a route of angry defiance for their last three releases. This is a sound that really suits the band. Rhiannon’s vocals are at their best when she is pushing herself to the very slight edge between belting and shouting.  

Oh Well is the type of the song to listen to when you are tired of being mistreated by people around you, something I’m sure most people have felt at some point or another. It’s the perfect song to stomp around to and it will definitely get your blood boiling (but not in a bad way). 

Ahsoka are great at hiding deep and meaningful lyrics behind hard-hitting riffs. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the songwriting abilities of this band are outstanding and they never fail to write incredible songs. 

Stand out lyrics include: “And I’m graceless, plummet to the floor. Tell myself I lack all self-control, So push me, I will not resist”. “It’s too late for me, abandon me and let me waste away”. “When we all fear love though we try, the light of God is too bright, it hurts my eyes”.

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