YCP Best Of: April 2020

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The Daylight

Indie/Post Shoegaze outfit ‘The Daylight’ hail from the suburbs of South East London & Brighton. Formed by Jacob Chandler (Lead Singer & Guitarist), Theo Byrd (Bass) and Alex Probert- Jones (Drums). The band draw in lyrical inspiration from personal issues including: Mental health, romance, grief and the ever evolving decline in the landscape of modern society.

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Dripping in influence from Nirvana and Radiohead the band offer a perfect combination of the two with a gut punching female vocal. Coupling their sombre, ambient sound with an intense and honest performance, Ahsoka are standing for a musical experience that all can enjoy. “Our favourite experiences as a band are when we are performing together and sharing our energy and passion with people of any gender who love the music we love”.

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Bainbridge & Co.

The musical offspring of Madness and The Streets, smeared with classic British indie and sprinkled with hip-hop, jazz and pop hooks.

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Cam Holtet

Cam Holtet is a singer, songwriter and electronic pop artist from Trondheim, Norway.

Cam started writing her own lyrics as a teenager, using music as a way to express herself. She moved to London in January 2017 to progress as a musician and has worked with a variety of professionals in the industry, including producers and musicians.

Her music is influenced by other female artists like Halsey, MØ, Dua Lipa, Gwen Stefani, Robyn and Tove Lo, and her vision is to make lively energetic music with relatable lyrics.

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Lucy Warr

If, like many music lovers across the globe, you have spent some time enjoying the sounds of vocal powerhouses Adele, Jessie J, Pink and Sigrid, then you’ll be in perfect company with one, ‘Lucy Warr’. Hailing from a small town in Somerset, Lucy Warr arrived in London in 2013 with the sole purpose of developing herself as a young Woman in Music.

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“What’s so immediately evident about Langkamer when they play live is just what good songwriters they are.” Bristol in Stereo.

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Reveal The Road

“Brighton’s finest up and coming Pop/Rock band” (Patch Chord News 2018) Reveal The Road (RTR) Take the audience by the scruff of the neck and give it everything. With a perky and jumpy stage presence RTR are sure to stick in your head

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Tanaka Makoni

Soulful, ambient hip hop which acts as a safe haven & provides a place where you can observe how the world affects your perception.

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Dodo is an independent psychedelic producer and multi-instrumentalist. After playing in Wrepperz he decided to experiment with psychedelic sounds and combine more genres with it, like Disco, RnB or Hip-Hop

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As heard on the BBC Introducing frequencies this summer with Lady Macbeth, the Brighton exuberant alt-rock three piece Dramalove mix guitar based rock with electronic angularity and darkly poetic lyricisms.

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Gaby K

Gaby K is a 24-year-old singer and songwriter from Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham. Since the age of 13, music has always been her passion, and the career she knew she always wanted to pursue. She has been writing her own songs for several years.

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Saving Throw

Born in the darkest depths of the University of Brighton and raised on a strict diet of organic moss and hand-ground sand, Saving Throw has broken free of the lecture hall and taken to the streets to upset your mum with energetic indiemopunk tunes laced with noise and ibuprofen.

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Resa Anna

Making music is such a big part of me and my life. I can’t breathe without it and this time I am not letting my passion go. I have the experience and the confidence to make the rest of my life worthwhile. All my struggles and my hassles in the past brought me to this moment and I can’t wait and see where it will lead. It is time for me to shine again and follow my heart and sing it out loud.

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DIASCIA (dy-a-sha) is an eclectic artist, songwriter and composer, creating her own version of Dark Pop, with thought-provoking storytelling and a strong, bright voice that may enlighten minds.

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Jennings Couch

Born in the wilderness of New York City, raised in the quiet tranquillity of rural England and made on the streets of West London, Jennings Couch is an artist who embodies the virtues of his environments. Since writing his first songs at the age of seven, he has gone on to craft a unique – and eccentric – pop voice. 

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Jess Fitz

Known for her big hair and big voice, Jess started her artistic journey as a teenager listening to powerful female voices including Whitney Houston and Ella Fitzgerald. She honed her writing skills whilst studying English Literature at Oxford University, where she also sang in a cappella groups and funk bands, becoming well-known for promoting women across the student music scene.

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Screams From The Sun

It all started in 2017 when Mimí noticed Francis busking outside Bond Street St in Central London and decided to approach him.
Francis Jupiter on guitar and vocals and Mimí Out on drums and music production, the duo spent a year writing and recording while busking around the streets of London and playing gigs in established venues and unsigned festivals.

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An alternative rock band based in Southampton. Combining influences from Paramore, The Runaways and alike. Front woman Yianna sings strong and passionate lyrics whilst backed by catchy riffs from guitarist, Frankie. The tight rhythm section punches through with drums from Fenella and bouncing bass riffs with Hannah.

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Jonathan Milanes

Jonathan Milanes is an alternative-pop artist based in London, UK. He is someone you might consider as a ‘bedroom-producer’, as he writes and self-produces all of his songs in his own home studio.

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This ensemble was born with the purpose to satisfy our need to explore different musical worlds, whether those are deserted and cold or fertile and filled with life.

We love to combine opposing genres, instruments and ways of thinking and the key is to find a constant and necessary compromise.

Nothing else lies in Drakmah’s core and roots; indeed the foundation itself is due to David and Panda’s will to blend their nature, filled with electronic influences, with the (not necessarily) different ones of Mario and Gian, both closer to a more instrumental tradition.

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