Book Review: Wilde Women by Louise Pentland


Wilde Women is the third and final instalment of Louise Pentland’s Robin Wilde series. I can happily say that I genuinely enjoyed the entirety of this series, although I will say I am often too skeptical of books written by “youtubers” and “influencers”. This mostly being because a lot of them seem to be handed a book deal when they haven’t really got anything to write about. This was not the case for Louise. The fact that she has written a story with real-life problems, some of which seem to draw from her own life, and showcases (what I can only guess) a true showcase of single parenthood is something to admire. 

Synopsis: “Meet Robin Wilde: mum, newly-appointed official girlfriend, make-up artist extraordinaire and general plate-spinning, life-juggling, balance-seeking badass. Or so I like to think.

Everything seems to be slotting into place, not just for me but for my close-knit little world of friends and family too. Yet despite all that, I still feel like I’m blagging it.

Although our lives sound great on paper, cracks are beginning to show. My best friend Lacey is struggling to bond with her baby, my lovely Auntie Kath suddenly seems distant and my daughter Lyla is finding it hard to adapt to having a man in our lives. I love that for once everybody is depending on me, but I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed – it’s like I have too many tabs open in my brain.

Now I’ve been asked to go to the States for work, and it seems like the getaway we all need. Look out New York, me and my girls are on our way! But will the city that never sleeps make or break us?”

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the writing style of this book is what you would describe as simple. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. I actually enjoyed how it was written as it meant that it became a quick and easy read. I read this book in a time where I was not picking up any physical books and found that I did not want to read anything, which is quite surprising for me. I had brought the book on my kindle a while before I read it and initially decided to pick it up as I had read the first two books and knew that it was something I would find enjoyable and easy to read. Although I will say that a few topics in this book are definitely not easy situations to read about however it was enjoyable all the same.  

Tackling topics such as single parenthood, postnatal depression, adoption and miscarriage, I find it commendable that Louise has raised these situations which are often not discussed in women’s fiction but are issues women are affected by. I think that involving these issues is something that made these books as great as they are. By having various conversations throughout the series about these topics, Louise has helped to normalise situations which are often seen as something not to be talked about. 

However, do not be put off by such serious topics. All three books are packed full of humour, especially from Lyla (Robin’s daughter), love and honest, beautiful friendships. 

Overall I would definitely recommend this book and series to anyone who is looking for a somewhat light-hearted read that will definitely get you feeling all types of emotions. The good moments are great and the sad moments honestly don’t last too long.

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