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Remayn is an emerging indie-folk singer/songwriter from Eastbourne, England. He began writing music at the age of 26 as a way of processing grief after several personal tragedies. In April 2016 he released his first EP, 21276, named after the ages he was at the time of those tragedies. Described as ‘unapologetic macabre’ and ‘brutally honest’, the 5-track EP dealt with themes of loss, absence, confusion and sorrow.

Remayn played several gigs around the local area and built up a small following. He spent the next two years writing, composing and recording his debut album ‘Pressure’, which was released in February 2018. The album received several critically acclaimed reviews, including a ‘Top Album’ of the year from Divide and Conquer Music, and Number 3 on reviewer Mike Antonich’s favourite albums of 2018.

Further singles followed the release of Pressure, including July, The Arcade, and his most successful song to date, Burn, which has received airplay on BBC Introducing and over 10,000 streams on Spotify.

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“I’ve been into music since 13 years, I’ve been a co founder and a member of the band InSpiral for 6 years, releasing 2 albums Habitat (Dec 2012) and ONYR (Jul 2015).
I then decided to come in UK and work as 3D Artist in the Cinema industry, where I’ve got inspired and I started the writing and the recording of my very first solo Album, Fatberg, that I released this year (2020) the 1st of May, under the name Caplaz.

I then opened an official YouTube Channel to talk about in my experience, working as 3D Artist has changed the way I make music, forcing my to visualise music with my sight before and then focusing with my hearing. That’s why I talk about of watching a music and listen to an image.”

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12 Hour Avenue

12 Hour Avenue are a Rock Duo from Buckinghamshire, UK. After other members dropped out, Tobi Stubbs (drums/vocals) and Harry Cairns (guitar/bass) decided to form the two-piece. Since forming in 2017, the duo have self-released two EPs and have just released their latest single ‘Worth the Days’. The duo are currently writing new material which is expected to be released next year

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LOC is a solo artist from Leeds, UK. Infusing woe-laden lyrics with punchy, synth-filled instrumentals to form relatable songs with catchy melodies.

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Perfectparachutepicture, stylised as PPP, are UK Noisemakers who formed in 2013.
Consisting of members Kyle Ernest on drums and lead vocals and Edward James on bass.
The duo are renowned for their sonically powerful live performances and a musical style that fits into many categories, picking influences from Alt Rock, Noise Rock, Pop Rock, Garage Rock and Punk. Hard hitting drums paired with distorted and heavy bass riffs are accompanied with soft melodic vocals, creating powerful and emotionally driven songs that are left circling in the head of the listener.

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Memory Farm

Memory Farm are a means to a mirror; a reflection of beauty found in the most grotesque face. Their recorded material is explosive and yet simultaneously expansive, as is their live show. The songs of Memory Farm are cerebral patchworks, with little events and instances being magnified by the intensity by which the band wield their instruments. The work of Memory Farm is directly indirect, and they are well aware of this, no answers, no explanation, no apologies. However, the questions raised, lyrically and sonically, are ever evolving and mutating alongside the band, and this is exhilarating. Memory Farm are here to give you a sonic beating and then cuddle you afterwards; they are nothing if not a towering, monolithic question mark. How you feel about this is important, and yet utterly irrelevant. – Ben Whyte

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CALM are a five piece indie outfit emerging from London. Keeping it a DIY approach, all songs are self-produced out of Adam’s bedroom. Having garnered support on their early releases from the likes of Tom Robinson at BBC Radio 6 and Dave Monks at BBC Intro, the band are making waves into the new decade with fresh music. Their single Sucker recently featured on Netflix show ‘Terrace House’ and has been added to its Spotify editorial playlist. Their debut show was supporting Dirty Hit’s King Nun and have also opened for the likes of Childcare, Neon Waltz, Paris Youth Foundation and The Dunts.

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Emerging amongst the Covid 19 pandemic, Teague used his time in lockdown to learn how to produce his own music. He started out creating beats in 2019 at home on a midi keyboard and laptop and begun learning how to mix and master from YouTube tutorials. By having full control over the sound production, Teague has been able to experiment with new sounds and modern vibes creating a more futuristic feel to his sound. Moving forward Teague plans to incorporate his skills as a guitarist into his beat making.

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The Horse Puppets

The 5 piece band from Manchester, soon grew into a 6 piece, then a 7 piece as more instruments and sounds were added in recording their debut album.  ‘Sorry For The Inconvenience’ was recorded at Paul and Helen’s home studio in Manchester.

Paul has been thrown in at the deep end with sound production, and with the help of some local engineers he produced the whole album himself.  This has allowed the band to retain a raw and uncoloured sound. All of the music was recorded live (with vocals afterwards) with all the band squeezed into the small room together with no headphones, no glass dividers, a large dog, and most importantly,  a real band sound.

The band have a hybrid indie sound like the more ambient side of The Black Keys or The Arctic Monkeys, mixed with country pedal steel guitar, violin, double bass, electronic synths and large vocal harmonies.

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“Sleep Soundly is about how your mind can be a warm, nostalgic place to reminisce and find comfort in the past. It can also be a dark prison, haunting you with those same memories, causing you pain and fear. When all you want is peace, you just want to sleep through the night, if not eternally.”

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Chevy Chase Stole My Wife

Chevy Chase Stole My Wife are a pop-rock band from Worcester, UK. Their sound is gritty, melodic and pounding, overlaid with witty and wry lyrics about everything from tightrope walkers to being cat-called from a white van. Chevy Chase Stole My Wife have played festivals such as Nozstock, Y Not? and Lakefest, and have been featured on BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson show. They released ’Swayed’, the first of 4 planned singles for 2020, on March 1st.

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