Get To Know The Band: Memory Farm

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London based four-piece Memory Farm are unapologetically directly indirect. With songs that are patchworks of explosive intensity and magnified real-life events, they are a “towering, monolithic question mark. How you feel about this is important, and yet utterly irrelevant”.

How would you describe your music for someone who may not have heard you before?

Physically and mentally confusing and or damaging.

Which song of yours is your favourite to perform and why?

This is a hard one to answer as all of our songs are quite different and we all love different songs for different reasons. We would have to say Piece of Mind is our favourite though. The song is just a good mixture of heavy, dark, happy, groovy and melancholic. When friends were asked about their favourite song of ours this is often the answer we get given too.

What is the creative process of the band? Do you all contribute towards writing songs?

When we write songs it will always start with someone bringing in an idea for either a riff or a whole song. We often jam around an idea and just discuss what sort of vibe we want for the tune and play off each other’s ideas. Everyone enjoys being a part of the writing process and just purposely trying to experiment with weird ideas just for a laugh. Overall there is an acceptance that we write better collectively and everyone has something to bring to the table.

Where has been the best place that you have played and what made this experience so special?

The gigs we have played have all been good fun for different reasons but the gig we enjoyed the most was at The Star Inn in Guildford. This gig was for Cosmic Sounds and they made everything really easy for us that day. The sound man catered to us really well, all our friends from back home had come to see us and we had our first mosh pit there too which was great to see.

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You released The Bastard’s Got Legs in January, what was the inspiration/story behind the song?

Honestly, no one knows anymore. The most likely reason the songs called The Bastard’s Got Legs is because at some point someone said it during a rehearsal and it made us all laugh so we decided to keep it. Similarly, we have a song called Luigi’s Uprising. Why? We don’t know it’s just funny to us we guess.

You recently got a single on a Cosmic Sounds vinyl, do you have any plans for merch of your own?

The Vinyl was huge to us. Cosmic Sounds spent a lot of time trying to sort that out for us and we are all really proud of it. In terms of other merch we have looked at T shirts but nothing else really. The plan is to wait until we are gigging again so we could potentially sell merch to anyone drunk enough to buy it at one of our gigs.

Do you have any plans to play anywhere else in the UK outside of London?

The majority of gigs we have played have been outside of London so far. Bromley, Guildford, Tunbridge Wells. We just go anywhere that people want us really because we love playing.

Who are some of your favourite bands and artists in the London music scene?

Dj Guv.

Do you have any releases planned for the near future?

We currently have three songs recorded and they’re in the process of being mastered. We haven’t released in a little while now so we are all pretty excited to get some new material out there. It was good fun making the tunes and they’re some of our favourites. If people love them as much as we do they should be received extremely well.

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