YCP Best Of: July 2020

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Loaded with reverb, emotive lyrics & powerful hooks Hongza merges the tones of shoegaze & emotional pop creating a sonic powerhouse. The North London singer previously lead Shoegaze band ‘DAZE’, sharing stages with the likes of Cassia, Larkins, Lana & now is on his own endeavour to paint the new wave of shoegaze. The 23-year-old is set to release his debut single ‘Gone’ on July 8th an anthem for broken-hearted 20-year-olds.

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Handsome Luke

L.A based rapper, singer and producer Handsome Luke, whose stage name is
inspired by Ryan Gosling’s character in the 2012 film Place Beyond The Pines, is
surrounded by mystique. But if there’s one thing that’s for certain about Luke –
who tends to spend 12-15-hour sessions in the studio daily, honing and
perfecting his craft- it’s his drive to excel in whatever he attempts. Growing up
in The Projects in Indianapolis, split between the contrasting lifestyles of his

well-off father and financially struggling mother gave Luke the drive he needed
to focus on succeeding, and it’s this very passion and drive for music that is
reflected clearly in his latest offering, “Sicario” which takes listeners through his
determined journey in the music industry.

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In Albion

In Albion is a Theatrical Prog Rock band from Surrey specialising in creating energetic dramatic rock anthems. A fusion of Samuel’s soaring vocal lines, Pete’s creative bass parts, Ross’s classical-inspired riffs, Rob’s clever composition and Gideon’s diverse drum rolls; ‘In Albion’ is a perfect mix of all five. The band (originally formed by guitarist Ross) found each other due to a shared love of ‘Queen’, had one jam and there was no looking back from there. They have been together now for well over a year and are going stronger than ever.‘ In Albion’ is a tasteful throwback to the golden era of Rock music, but has no shame in taking inspiration from modern influences.. ‘In Albion’ have released two singles so far: Their debut orchestral rock track ‘Burning The Candle at Both Ends’ and their pumping bass-driven track, ‘Earth’. They have played all over Surrey and Reading and recently started playing in London with brilliant reception.

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Sinikka Monte

Sinikka was born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland to South African-Italian and Finnish parents. In 2006 she moved to Austria. Through ballet, she developed a passion for performing, and at the age of 12, she started writing songs.  “Authenticity and sincerity are the most important aspects of my songs. Each word is pre-meditated and vetted to match real-life emotions.” Sinikka strives to challenge the boundaries of mainstream music but wants to remain attractive to the modern listener by being authentic and real. “The idea is to create new unique sounds to surprise the listener by mixing modern pop beats with awesome vocals to create a multifaceted atmosphere” Sinikka’s music is about finding her own voice, becoming a young adult, dealing with insecurity, bullying, hate, love and envy. “Insecure; that is where I start”.

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CUTTS is an alt-pop duo formed by Lillian Cutts and Peter Bonaventure. The two musicians began their collaboration one summer in Bonaventure’s DC apartment. The two became close friends, however, the music would stall before ever being released when Bonaventure moved to New York.

Though the energy and passion was there, Lillian struggled to create the project all on her own. She asked Bonaventure if he would be interested in remaking one of their old songs for her project and he agreed.

When they met in Bonaventure’s Brooklyn apartment to remake the song, everything started to click. Not only did they finish the song in a matter of days, but they began writing new music together. After a month of this, they knew it was more than one friend helping another, more than just a solo project, it had become a real musical partnership built on trust and respect.

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Coming from two very different worlds, the duo make what they call Rebel Pop and things have been heating up fast online for their debut single “Come By Me” l caught the attention of BBC Introducing, Earmilk, Euphoria, Fame etc as well as gained traction with local press in Ireland. In light of what’s going on in the world right now, MOM are here to share some love through their unique coming together of culture and their “stunning collaboration of difference”.  MOM itself stands for Meeting of Minds.  This is pop with a purpose, and it’s going to want to make you dance!

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Hybrid Kid

Hybrid Kid are a three-piece indie rock band inspired by the collective history of
British music and the traditional three-minute song formula, as if Pavement and
David Bowie met The Stooges and MC5 in a seaside town like Brighton.

They have been playing for a number of years in various guises and places,
including the US, where the band were based for a prolonged stint. Now back
on home soil, appearances on Brighton’s Latest TV, The Roadee, airplay on Xfm,
Radio, Reverb and many college radio stations worldwide have slowly built
them an underground cult following worldwide.

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Lucy Feliz

Expressed in a hybrid of celestial folk, psych fuzz and Lynchian nostalgia, Lucy explores themes of shame and mortality, by harnessing the cyclical nature of human experience, guided by the path of the Sun. Existentialism at its best.

After recording a new album in NZ with Ben Edwards (Julia Jackin, Aldous Harding) – the evolution from self-recorded debut ‘Ancestry’ (under alias LosFeliz) – retains the intimacy of songwriting, yet allows greater scope for the immersive feel, with plumes of luscious sound walls and flowering lyricism.

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“It has taken me 23 years of my life to get over my fear of singing to the public and release a song. I had never written a song before this and I have always wanted to. A few months ago, I lost some people that meant a lot to me and it just kind of broke me. It made me feel a whole mess of emotions and those two people were the only ones that knew I loved to sing so I did it. And I have received so much love from this song release already. Most of my friends didn’t even know that I liked singing so everyone is kind of surprised. Just please consider me. I’ve been in my shell for far too long.

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“Songs swirl around in our subconscious much like childhood tales, fables, and fantasies do. Regardless if we only hear them once or on repeat countless times, they leave lasting resonances. Brazilian-born and Los Angeles-based three-piece SOFIA make a similar subconscious imprint via their 2020 independent debut EP, Stories For The Sleepless. Elegant guitar, hyperactive bass, sweeping soundscapes, airy synthesizers, plainspoken lyrics, energetic drums and hypnotic harmonies open up the group’s first chapter with expressive, yet expansive transmissions of alternative rock.”

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