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LA based ‘hard pop’ band, Two Neighbours are creating pop music with an edge. “With their signature blend and catchy fusion of multiple genres across the track, Two Neighbors’ music keeps on sending out an infectious message of freedom and exploration – no matter what you may be doing in life. Be yourself, be badass, be epic and the star in your own life.”
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How would you describe your music for someone who may not have heard you before?

“Hard pop”, a classic pop song with a knife shoved in the middle.

What is the creative process of the band? How do you both contribute towards writing songs?

We have different ways that we write songs, sometimes they start with Sophie singing a melody into her phone and texting it over, sometimes they start with a track Andre produced, sometimes we’ll borrow chord progressions from other songs and rework them, sometimes we’ll just sit down and write a song from scratch on guitar. We are constantly switching it up to keep it fresh.

Which song is your favourite to perform / which song was your favourite to write and why?

Peace & Love was probably our favourite song to perform and to write. It’s not a single but it’s coming out on the EP. Sometimes the songs that an artist connects to the most are not the ones that get the most hype. It just kind of came together in the studio; writing it as we were recording it, and turned into a piece of art we’re both really proud of. I think at the time we both had a feeling we were trying to get out and we got it out with this song.

Does your latest single Little Mila have a story? What was the inspiration behind it?

It’s simply about Sophie’s friend Mila (which is her stage name). Sophie and Mila met at a strip club they both danced at and she found her to be intriguing and inspiring. Working at a club like that can create very unique bonds with other girls in that scene, living the nightlife, bags of cash, open sexuality and the hustle has an edgy romanticism that comes through in the song.

You’ve been releasing self-made music videos for all your singles, how do you come up with them and make them?

Sophie usually comes up with the idea then Andre edits, films and pulls it all together. We also have friends we can lean on for editing and filming. When you are a small band you and your friends have to get creative when working with very little if you want to stay in the game. Music videos are an area where we’ve really tried to take advantage of our limitations to create something unique.

I’ve been told you have some crazy stories to tell about your music, which is the craziest one you can tell us about?

Sophie as a songwriter always has crazy stories, whether she’s going to jail, stripping, or writing about her inner turmoil. But we believe that our craziest stories are yet to come.

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Who are some of your favourite bands and artists in the LA music scene?

Upsahl, Glooms, Grandson, Chandler Juliet, Bishop Briggs, Bohnes, Modern Love Child, 2Mex, SkyHaven, Royal & The Serpent, MishCatt

Where has been the best place that you have played and what made this experience so special?

For Andre, it was our debut show at Madame Siam, not necessarily because it was the best per se but because it was the first time that it made this whole thing real and we received so much love and support. For Sophie, it was playing the Electro-Voice soundstage at NAMM because they really treated us well.

Do you have any plans to play anywhere in the UK or Europe in the future?

When the world opens up, we can only hope to go there! Hopefully sooner rather than later.

You have an EP set to be released next month, what are your plans for this release?

Given the state of the world right now, we plan to just push this EP as hard as possible to new audiences online and around the world. We hope that we’re able to connect with new fans over social media and online platforms as much as possible since that’s really all that music has to lean on right now!

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