Get To Know The Band: In Albion

Surrey based theatrical prog-rock band, In Albion are creating energetic rock anthems with a dramatic edge. Soaring vocal lines and classical-inspired riffs are only the start of what can be expected from this interesting five-piece.
With over 700 likes on Facebook and an ever-growing number of streams, In Albion are creating a new music experience which can be enjoyed by all.
© Sam Gosiewski
How would you describe your music for someone who may not have heard you before?

Energetic, anthemic and maybe slightly overdramatic?

The band formed over a shared love of Queen, would you say they are your biggest influence? If yes, how have they shaped the music that you create?

It is difficult to say, we definitely take influence from them, especially when it comes to our general ‘bravado’. We do have several other major influences in our music though, we have been compared quite a lot to Muse, David Bowie and on a couple of occasions Meatloaf…

What is the creative process of the band? Do you all contribute towards writing songs?

It depends on the song, people will always write their own parts, but some songs are pitched by individual members. Our latest single ‘Earth’ however is one we sort of just created together through a jam.

Do you have any plans to play outside of Surrey/London in the future?

Yes, we do, we are planning to expand from London and Surrey as soon as we can gig properly again. Of course in the future we would love to travel abroad too, Germany has been in the conversation for a while, which would be super cool of course. 

© Sam Gosiewski
Where has been the best place that you have played and what made this experience so special?

We have played in The Boileroom, Guildford a couple of times, and the second time was a headliner which was especially amazing for us; it was the first time we heard members of the audience sing our lyrics back to us, which still seems absolutely mental.

Which song is your favourite to perform and why?

Each of us has our favourites of course: Samuel loves the theatrical gems which he can hog all the attention for, so it would have to be Pandemonium for just how dramatic it is (a live version is on our Facebook); funnily enough, it is Pete’s favourite too…most likely because he wrote that one. Ross loves one of our oldest energetic anthems Pleasure Overload, and Gideon’s favourite is Last Laugh, due to its groove and simplicity. Rob (our newest member) favours Fire, probably because he was introduced to it at our last gig we played at Beyond The Download. 

Does your latest single ‘Earth’ have a story? What was the inspiration behind it?

Earth follows the theme of decay and bitterness. Samuel came up with the idea of a relationship ending and one party getting consumed by the thought of themselves being the cause for the others hurt and decay; and how that becomes the cause for their own breaking down of character. 

You recently created a live version of Earth do you have any plans to release an official music video? If yes can you give any details?

Not as of yet for Earth but we are in the process of creating a video for an upcoming single of a song we have played live since the very beginning….

© Sam Gosiewski
Do you have any plans to release merchandise?

We do have merchandise available, such as shirts and badges, which we sell at our live shows and hopefully soon be available on our website. 

Who are some of your favourite bands and artists in the Surrey/London music scene?

The list is far too grand, but if we could narrow it down we would have to say Punt Guns. They are a really cool band and were really chill to gig with.

Do you have any releases planned for the near future?  

Yes. We do.

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