Music Review: Too Long; Didn’t Listen by Ifall

Taking a cynical yet comedic outlook on modern society, Too Long; Didn’t Listen is a lockdown creation from London-based Brazillian composer and producer Ifall. Having improvised a studio in his flat, Ifall; otherwise known as Caio Duarte wrote, performed and recorded the album by himself.  

With a decade of experience and award-winning film soundtracks under his belt, Ifall creates music that defies labelling.

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Too Long; Didn’t Listen opens with slow yet melodic track Don’t Ask. This works as an excellent opening to the album and shows the level of complexity that can be expected from the Brazilian composer. 

Drawing you in with a slow opening Don’t Ask is track made for building suspense. With light tapping on the high hat the song has you on the edge of your seat from the get-go. This sound piques the interest of the listener and leads to intrigue to find out how this album will play out. 

Caio Duarte’s composer and producer background really shine in this brilliantly put together track. Often too many different layers can work against a song however they really blend well thanks to his composer roots. The building of layers brings a complexity to the song which can seem overwhelming, however the vocals work to tie everything together to create a sound that is actually quite smooth.

The second track The Master brings the energy from Don’t Ask and takes a slight dip. Accompanied by a bright and light guitar sound, the vocals are front and centre. With a more complex vocal line than the one seen in opening track Don’t Ask, Caio Duarte’s vocal ability is able to shine. His dulcet tones are leading this track into a direction of tenderness that we have not yet seen from this release.  

This all changes in the next section, you are hit in the face by intense instrumentation which brings back the energy that was present in the previous track. With its driving beat and ardent instrumentation, The Master would not seem out of place in the likes of a James Bond film. Something which I would say is an impressive feat. 

Next up is classical derived track Free Sex. Caio Duarte’s vocals take on more of a theatrical and almost operatic stance in the dramatic track. Continuing with the Bond-like sound of The Master, Free Sex takes this and morphs it into a melancholic ballad. Raw emotion is evident in the four-minute track and shows a softer side to the usual cynicism that has become to be expected from this release.

The track takes the album into a new dimension and showcases the versatility of the release. With no one genre to label him Caio Duarte has used this to his advantage to produce an expressionistic album. 

Fourth track It once again takes a shift in sound and genre. Showcasing Caio Duarte’s higher vocal range, this is the first time we are seeing this side of his creativity. 

Carrying the intensity of previous tracks It takes this expected vibe and pairs it with an in your face melody. However, this song is not like the others, with well-executed sections of contrasting lightness It makes for an interesting listen.  

© Ifall

Mr Artist is not the most upbeat track of the release, however, it is still one of note. Although slower the drums create steady a march which helps to drive the song forward. 

With more emotion than what has been seen in previous tracks, Mr Artist has a darker vibe which is borderline cynical. We are one again introduced to a playful piano which helps to bring a sense of lightness to the melancholic atmosphere. This piano gives the downbeat track some liveliness which was desperately needed. 

Penultimate song High Performance is the longest track on Too Long; Didn’t Listen at six minutes. The opening guitar is quite jarring as it is the same chord played in quick succession however this becomes resolved into a pleasant set of instrumentation. Offering a heavier sound of which we have not yet heard from this release, High Performance is a stand out track for me. 

Light piano lines are accompanied by a soft drum beat which works as a great compliment to the vocal line. With no element overpowering another this track holds a perfect balance of instrumentation whilst still expressing creativity. 

The rise and fall of this track means you do not realise that it is as long as it is. The change in melody keeps the listener interested and intrigued as to where Caio Duarte will take his voice next. 

The final track and gentle closer for Too Long; Didn’t Listen is In All Caps. Acoustic guitars accompany Caio Duarte’s power-driven vocals to create a beautiful resolution to an album which was a whirlwind of intensity and emotion.

With tracks which take on a different musical style there is something for everyone on Too Long; Didn’t Listen. Although a relatively short album this release will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and will leave you intrigued to see what Caio Duarte will release under the guise of Ifall next.

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