Music Review: Heatwave by hellocentral

Heatwave is the latest release from Denver rock band, hellocentral. Formed in late 2017 by four friends, the band are creating music which people can not only dance to but also connect on a deeper level. The EP is a culmination of influences and experiences and each song carries a story which the listener can relate to. 

With a modern take on alternative rock which toes the boundaries of pop-punk hellocentral are becoming a prominent name in the Denver rock scene. They have amassed numerous amounts of local press and have gathered a loyal base of fans. 

Hellocentral released their self-titled and self-recorded debut EP in 2018 which garnered attention from The Spot Studios producers Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop. In 2019 they recorded four singles at The Spot Studios and released them independently. 

Opening with One More Sunrise the EP has instant appeal. The introduction builds the overarching vibe for the entire EP and sets a strong impression on what can be expected from the Denver rockers. 

Instantly I am given major Blink-182 vibes, something I will never complain about and regard as a high compliment. It is already clear to me that this will be a strong release where in particular this song will become a staple tune in a live set. 

The guitars come crashing in with a sense of self-purpose and bring the energy of One More Sunrise up to eleven. The track heavily points towards the feeling of wanting to break free and the vocal melody definitely plays to that. The punchy melody almost seems purposely rushed so that once the words are out they cannot be taken back. 

This all changed in the chorus where a smoother tone takes over. The polished chorus melody is very simple in nature, however, it showcases frontman Cody’s vocal ability. Simplicity is not always a bad thing, especially when it comes to choruses. This chorus, in particular, is instantly memorable and will definitely become a fan favourite due to its infectious energy.

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The second track, Feels Like Home shows a softer side to the band. With a smooth vocal tone where each word seems to flow into the next, the gentle nature of this song allows you to really dwell on the lyrics. 

Every pop-punk song needs a bit of angst and Feels Like Home has it in droves. With an overall sense of loneliness, this is a track that listeners can relate to. The relatability of every track on this EP is cleverly crafted to appeal to the masses. This will only raise the likability of Heatwave as a lot of people love to find their own feelings reflected in a song. 

The prominent drum beat helps to maintain the high energy that was building in the first track One More Sunrise. This beat paired with the steady bassline keeps the energy in check so as to not overhaul the more sombre feeling of Feels Like Home. 

Closing track Lsof, an abbreviation for Lit Shit On Fire, opens with a soft guitar line. The pop-punk feel of the Heatwave is continued in the concluding track. Although more upbeat than its predecessor Feels Like Home, Lsof also has a darker underlying tone. Capturing the feeling of hurt and anger when a relationship is just not working out despite both parties loving each other, Lsof is again a track in which listeners can relate. 

The soaring vocals wash over you and create a sense of serenity to close this high energy release. The infectious vibes seen in previous tracks are still very prominent here. The shuffling drums act as the heartbeat of the track and provide a constant pace which pulls the song forward.  

Heatwave is packed full of catchy melodies and an energy that is contagious. Although each track has a different tone they all come together to create a fluid and coherent EP. 

This EP was right up my street and really suits my personal taste. It has to be said that this is definitely my favourite release of the year so far and I will be adding every track to my personal playlists. I suggest you do the same too.  

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