Music Review: Katie by The Issues

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Katie is the debut single from South West alternative rock band The Issues. Written and recorded during the first few months of lockdown, Katie is an impressive first release from the Exeter four-piece. 

Comprising of Joe Jenkins on vocals and guitar, Joe Kurzawa on guitar, Chris Otun on bass and Mike Slack on drums, the band offer a surfy twist on conventional alt-rock. Having met at university the band formed in the smoking area of a club on a night out. 

Katie tells the tale of how easy it is to fall back into old habits even though you are fully aware of how damaging they can be. Frontman Joe Jenkins wrote the song after his bandmates challenged him to write a song about vodka, to which he was able to relate to a previous relationship and thus Katie was born. The track has relatability and is one that I can imagine listeners will have on repeat for days on end. 

The Issues waste no time when it comes to building the energy on this track. Straight away you are met with punchy vocals which demand to be heard. The band’s influences, The Fratellis and The Wombats are in clear abundance here. Taking this early 2000s indie rock sound, The Issues have blended this with their own style to create a track which is fun and interesting. 

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The in your face vocals make Katie an upbeat track which leaves no room to breathe. A constant flow of the snappy melody gives Katie a punk infusion. It is the type of song where I can picture the band playing it live and I know they would put on a great show. 

You are met with a guitar solo in the bridge section. This acts as a reprieve from the fast-paced vocals and adds a layer of complexity to the track. Although it is mostly an embellished version of the vocal melody, the solid guitar solo is a nice addition to this already entertaining track. 
Katie is a fun track which will be stuck in your head for days to come. It is clear to see that The Issues already have heaps of potential if this debut release is anything to go by. If you are a fan of 2000s indie rock then you definitely need to give The Issues a listen, with a fresh take on the genre the band are creating music which can be enjoyed by all.

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