Music Review: In My Bones by Ilona Mahieu

Photo: Joy Darmanin | Lettering: Tam Izzett | Edited by: Sam Appleby and Tam Izzett

Ilona Mahieu is an indie rock outfit made up of Ilona Pointeau on vocals, Jack Williams on guitar, Sam Appleby also on guitar, Mark Fifield on bass, and Emma Taylor on Drums. Originally starting as a solo project by Illona Pointeau, who at the time was doing solo gigs across the south of England, she decided to join forces with four like-minded musicians, and Ilona Mahieu was born.   

Pulling influences from many genres the indie rockers have amassed radio play from BBC Introducing and played at a number of festivals including Breaking Sound and The Summer Westival. Now with their third single released, Ilona Mahieu are making waves in the indie-rock scene. 

In My Bones starts with a gentle acoustic guitar which accompanies a soft yet soulful vocal. It is clear to see that the track is powered by raw emotion which you can only begin to understand when you really listen to the lyrics. 

The melodic style of this track reminds me of early Paramore and Ilona Pointeau’s vocal performance makes me reminiscent of the stunning vocals of Amy Lee from Evanescence. The strength behind her vocals is powerful not in volume but a passion that bleeds from the lyrics and makes the heartache of the story come to life. 

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The atmosphere of the track really builds when the drums kick in. The raw emotion of the vocals is met in companionship by the instrumentation and they work together to tell a heartbreaking story. 

This instrumentation drops out leaving just the acoustic guitar. This does not last long and a gentle build of instrumentation and vocals brings the energy of In My Bones back up. The life force of the track spikes in energy when electric guitars join the mix for an explosive sound. 

A song which was destined to end in melancholy and defeat ends instead with an empowered crescendo. Instead of letting the fear win, Ilona has used her incredible songwriting to create a beautiful track full of regret, heartbreak, and compassion.  

In My Bones is an impassioned release that showcases Ilona Mahieu’s intricate songwriting, carefully woven storytelling, and the ability to captivate a listener in just four minutes. This emotive track is a stellar release from Ilona Mahieu and I am excited to see what they will release next. 

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