Music Review: Guinea Pig by The Violet Stones

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Guinea Pig is the latest release from Sydney based band The Violet Stones. The trio made up of Sarah on vocals and rhythm guitar, Jarrod on lead guitar and Neil on bass and backing vocals have a string of previous successful releases. 

The single which is the fifth release for The Violet Stones was recorded in Sarah’s home studio and mastered by Benedikt Hain. The track explores the subjects of religious hypocrisies and how people in power often have other intentions in mind when teaching. Deriving from the well-known idiom the whole point of the song being called Guinea Pig is to show how people can be exploited and used for personal gain. 

The Violet Stones do not mess around with the opening of this song. You are instantly hit in the face with an explosive wall of sound. The song wastes no time in showing you its power and energy, pounding drums and driving guitars are only the tip of the iceberg. 

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Sarah’s vocal performance is entirely captivating and presents itself with a sense of authority. The slight grit to her tone really helps to hammer home the statement that Guinea Pig is trying to convey and makes this release one that demands to be heard.  

The reined-in verses make way for in your face choruses which really bring the song to life. The dynamics of this song are an important element of Guinea Pig. The highs and lows of the track showcase the band’s grunge influence whilst also keeping the listener on their toes. 

Having often had their sound compared to the likes of Nirvana, The Violet Stones definitely have an air of grunge around them. However, to me, they are so much more. You can definitely hear the Nirvana influence but they have given this old school grunge sound an injection of modernity to create a sound that is completely their own. 

I’ve always been a huge fan of male and female vocals harmonising and this song is no different. Although the harmony only lasts for a few lines it really compliments the vocal line and adds an extra dose of spice into the mix.   

Guinea Pig is an electric fifth release from the Sydney three-piece that is perfect for fans of Nirvana and Paramore.

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