Music Review: Wondering by The Chase

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Nottingham four-piece The Chase recently released their fifth single Wondering. Following the release of their last single Chain Gang the band have received copious amounts of press coverage and have been hailed as one of the best up and coming bands.  

The Chase are no strangers to the industry and have been a band since they were very young. Made up of brothers Tyler Heaney (vocals and guitar) and Dion Heaney (drums) and their cousin Luke Childs (bass), the band was very much a family affair. They started making music at the mere ages of 10, 8 and 12. After expanding their sound they introduced their school friend James Cahill (keyboard) into the mix. 

Wondering is an exploration of escapism from the mundane and how we can get stuck in daily routines. Lead vocalist Tyler wrote the track during lockdown as a way to deal with the repetitive nature of each day. 

With this being said Wondering has a wonderfully bright tone which perfectly masks the slight melancholic undertone that the lyrics convey. On first listen you would not think that the track has any sort of downcast undertone, The Chase has done well to pair an uplifting melody with lamentable lyrics. 

The verse sections are more reined in to give the listener time to contemplate the lyrics before the chorus burst in with full power. This chorus, although very simple and repetitive, makes for a memorable listen where the lyrics will be easy to learn. This is definitely a song that people will want to hear live as the crowd will be able to sing the lyrics back with ease. 

The most interesting part of the track for me is Tyler’s vocals. Had I not seen what the band looks like I would have thought that he was a lot older. His vocal tone has raw edge and maturity to it that is really quite astonishing.

Although the band are still young in age, is it clear that they have been honing their sound for years. Their youthfulness is something that works very well in their favour. They have taken the classic Britpop sound and given it a modern-day twist to create a sound which is all their own. 

Wondering is an instant Britpop classic which can be enjoyed by all, whether you are actually a fan of Britpop or not. The genre is not my cup of tea personally, however, The Chase have created a track that I really enjoy and I recommend you check it out too. 

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