Music Review: Lights Out by Kid Violet

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Lights Out is the sixth release by London indie rock five-piece Kid Violet. Since their formation, Kid Violet have been unstoppable and 2020 despite its difficulties has been no different. Currently on their third release of the year Lights Out was produced by Gavin Monaghan who worked on the recent albums from The Blinders, The Sherlocks and Editors.  

Every Kid Violet single has a huge sound which you can tell will translate incredibly into a live setting. Lights Out is very much the same. Opening with a distinct guitar riff and bassline, Lights Out has instant appeal and the potential to be Kid Violet’s greatest release yet. 

Lights Out is filled to the brim with captivating songwriting and an unrelenting guitar riff which will be playing in your head on a loop for days on end. A strong drumbeat seems to be a common occurrence for Kid Violet and Lights Out follows this pattern. Forceful drums drive the song forward and create a raging storm of indie rock which demands to be played at full volume. 

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The lively track is one which you know would sound amazing in a live setting and its the type of song that really hypes up a crowd. The slight groove which Lights Out carries from start to finish would get people moving and create an energetic atmosphere that would bring any venue to life. 

Billy Cotter’s vocals are what make Kid Violet stand out in the somewhat oversaturated indie rock genre. His raw tone has an understated darkness beneath it which gives the song an alluring effect. This compliments the lyrics wonderfully. Exploring the idea of finding enjoyment from being played by your ex, the alluring aspect of the song becomes understandable when you listen to the words and their meanings. 

Lights Out is the perfect track for any classic indie rock fans. Kid Violet have taken the sounds of their influences, Arctic Monkeys, Joy Divison and The Strokes, and have added their own flair to make a sound which can only be Kid Violet. 

With an EP set to be released in the near future, I am excited to see where 2020 will take Kid Violet next.

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