Music Review: YOUTH by Simple Safari

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From the cofounder of the indie band, The Manatees comes the debut track YOUTH. James Brearley, drummer for The Manatees has embarked on a solo project under the name of Simple Safari. Taking sole ownership of Simple Safari, James has expertly crafted the illusion of a full indie band. 

YOUTH reflects on past love and explores the natural life cycle of a relationship during the defining years of adolescence. The distinct track is used to address the fact that everything has an expiration, meaning that things are supposed to have a start and an end.

Influenced in sound by the likes of The Police, Kings of Leon and The Night Café, the track was co-mixed with James’ long term friend Roy Merchant, who has previously worked with Ed Sheeran, MIA and Basement Jaxx. The track has already been played BBC introducing and is well on its way to gain its first 1000 streams. 

YOUTH starts with an uplifting intro which gives the track instant appeal. Although the song’s meaning would suggest otherwise, YOUTH has a positive vibe to it which makes this a track that has repeatability. 

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The vocals on the track are interesting, mostly because you are aware that James is firstly a drummer and a vocalist second. This does not mean that there is anything wrong with them, quite the opposite actually. The reverb-heavy vocals have a nice quality to them which really builds the emotion and energy on the track.  

No indie song would be complete without jangly guitars and YOUTH is packed full of them. This can also be said for the pounding drums which keep a constant beat throughout the entire song. 

The dynamics of this track are really interesting and make sure that the listener is paying full attention. Just when you think that the verse sections will expend all of their energy, the chorus bursts in with even more power. Everything is not always uphill and the bridge section takes an entirely different approach. With quieter instrumentation and vocals that are spoken more than sang you are on the edge of your seat waiting for that huge chorus to come crashing through again. 

The song finishes all too quickly and the listener is left wondering where the last three and a half minutes have gone and wanting more of its uplifting vibes.  

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