Music Review: We’re Both On The Same Team by Tobi Stubbs

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We’re Both On The Same Team is the debut solo release from drummer and vocalist of 12 Hour Avenue, Tobi Stubbs. 

During lockdown, Tobi decided to embark on a solo project with We’re Both On The Same Team being his debut release. Over the course of lockdown Tobi decided to teach himself a few chords on the guitar, during this he could overhear a couple arguing and the idea for We’re Both On The Same Team was formed. 

After discussing it with his 12 Hour Avenue bandmate Harry they decided that it did not have the right feel for the band and so on October 2nd Tobi released it as a solo track. Since its release, We’re Both On The Same Team has gained radio coverage from Wycombe sound. 

On the surface, Tobi’s first solo release We’re Both On The Same Team is an alternative rock song. However, when looking deeper you can see that it has a moody atmosphere which has some well-thought-out lyrics. 

Opening with heavily distorted guitars it is evident that this track is going to be one to remember. Tobi’s vocals have this wonderful quality to them which I could sit and listen to all day. His smooth vocals wash over you throughout the duration of We’re Both On The Same Team to convey the emotive lyrics which come from a place that most can relate to. 

The chorus offers a brighter tone whilst still keeping the ever-present guitars. The drums act as an anchor through the entire song, they often offer moments of flair and flourishes of interesting fills. Which makes perfect sense when you remember that Tobi is also the drummer in 12 Hour Avenue.  

Around the three minute mark, Tobi really wows the listener with his vocal abilities with a long sustained note which seems to go higher than I would have thought possible with no loss of power. This note then expertly slides down to reach its diminuendo 

The drums become unrelenting after this section and their constant gain in power becomes an exact reflection of the emotion being portrayed by Tobi’s lyrics. Each word seems to flow seamlessly into the next and you find yourself gently floating throughout We’re Both On The Same Team despite its volatile atmosphere. 

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