Music Review: Coffee & Prozac by Remayn

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Remayn is an indie-folk singer-songwriter from Eastbourne. He started writing music at the age of 26 as a way of processing his grief after suffering from several personal tragedies.

Released his first EP in April 2016 which was titled 21276, named after the ages he went through these tragedies. The EP explored the themes of confusion, loss, and sorrow. 

His next release was in February 2018 with an album called pressure. This amassed large quantities and was Divide and Conquer Music’s top album of the year and became number three on Mike Antonich’s favourite albums of 2018.

Further singles followed the release of Pressure, including July, The Arcade, and his most successful song to date, Burn, which has received airplay on BBC Introducing and over 10,000 streams on Spotify. His next single Golden Hour follows, which also received BBC airplay.

What Remayn has to say about Coffee & Prozac:

“I’ve struggled with mental health issues from the age of about 6. I’ve had quite a lot of therapy, quite a lot of medication and nothing’s really changed. During lockdown, I was furloughed, and it gave me some time for introspection. I basically decided that I was the main issue and that any improvements were going to come from a lifestyle change, not discussing the same things over and over again or taking meds for the sake of it.

I normally don’t write songs that are as confessional as this one, but the people that have heard it have responded really well and have nearly all commented on how they can relate in some way to the song.”

Coffee & Prozac opens with his classic acoustic style with guitars that captivate the listener. Remayn’s wonderfully soft vocals follow close behind and you are instantly lost in the lyrics.

The luscious melody transports you to a calm place, despite the meaning of the song, and you are left in awe at how beautifully produced the song is. Coffee & Prozac is the type of song which you will find yourself thinking about from time to time.

The whole track feels extremely intimate and you feel like you are being given a front-row seat into how Remayn’s mind is working and the feelings that he is trying to process. You can really let go when listening to Coffee & Prozac and just let Remayn’s soothing vocals wash over you.

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