Music Review: Stand Alone and Do Your Dance by Artio

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Leeds based synth-pop band Artio have recently released their third EP Stand Alone and Do Your Dance. Having already released two successful EP which amassed tonnes of press coverage and radio play it comes as no surprise that Stand Alone and Do Your Dance has been successful too. 

Kicking off the EP is All Things End. The emotive track reflects on the feelings of loss and what you do after to deal with grief. 

Opening with light keys and guitars the track seems to be a gentle opener. Softly sung vocals follow the timid opening and Hol’s stunning vocal tone is completely transcendent. Her warm tone wraps itself around you almost as a way to cushion the huge sound that comes crashing through with no inhibitions.   

Next up is Basement Dance, an alternative track which has more of a rock feel to it. The track explodes into your ears and you feel like the band are playing inside of your head, this is definitely a good thing. Basement Dance is completely hard-hitting and in your face and it will make for an interesting song to see performed live.   

Hell’s Door is the powerhouse of the EP with its absolutely huge sound. With so many layers and levels of complexity, the track is sonically interesting and makes for a great halfway point for Stand Alone and Do Your Dance

My favourite part of Hell’s Door is most definitely the string section. These are both haunting and beautiful and sets a new tone for the EP. 

Bringing the raw energy down to a softer sound which you can really admire the beauty of is Cat’s Eyes. The acoustic style is a nice change in sound and shows that the band have great versatility. 

The vocal style of this track is not one we have yet heard from Hol, belting out a full power the song has a bite of passion which hits you square in the chest. Layered on top of each other, these vocals create a haunting effect which stays with you even after the track has ended. 
Last track on The EP is The Venom, featuring guest vocals from joegarratt the track has a solid wall of mesmerising instrumentation and raw emotion. The track has a real depth which is pursued further from the joining of Hol’s and joegarratt’s vocals. A stunning blend of the two creates an entirely new vibe for Artio which is one I would love to see them pursue further.

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