Music Review: Need You by Leopard Rays

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Need You is the latest release from Hartlepool based band Leopard Rays. Consisting of Luke Dawkins on vocals, Sean McCloskey on guitar, Tom Pattinson on bass and David Wilcox on drums, the band are influenced by Pearl Jam, Oasis and Rise.

The band have played various sold-out shows in their hometown of Hartlepool and have played around the UK in Manchester, London, and Newcastle. Leopard Rays are no strangers to the big stage either and have played at Stockton Calling, Heelapolooza, and Gathering Sounds festivals. Having supported both Pulled Apart By Horses and Estrons, Leopard Rays are clearly destined for big things.   

Need You is Leopard Rays’ first release since the success of their debut EP Times A Factor, Kid. You can tell instantly that this song is going to be huge. With a heavy guitar riff, pounding drums, and a dynamic bass Need You is for sure an enormous indie-rock anthem. 

Lead singer Luke Dawkins gives an impassioned performance which builds momentum through the entirety of the song. His vocal tone is well rounded and full of a warmth which makes it extremely difficult to feel anything but joy when listening to the track. The vocal harmonies add an extra layer of expression to the high energy track and they really work towards bringing the lyrics to life. 

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There is a slight pop-punk feel to the track which gives Need You a commanding atmosphere full of rebellious feelings. The lyrics are ones that will be easily remembered by fans and the track has a wonderful catchiness to it that will make for a top headbanging tune. These boys are definitely ones to look out for in the live circuit and I can imagine that they give a live performance that you don’t want to miss. 

Leopard Rays were not a band I had heard of prior to this release however they are one that I will continue to listen to after. Need You is by far one of my favourite releases so far this year and I more than recommend that you give it a listen yourself. 

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