Music Review: Snakechild by Local Nomad

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Snakechild is the latest release from New York singer Local Nomad. A native of Long Island who has been releasing music since earlier this year, Local Nomad is the alias of Michael Desmond. 

Having already gained press coverage from EARMILK, Variance Magazine, Under The Radar Mag and many more, 2020 is looking to be a huge year for Local Nomad. 

The track which is a follow up to his debut EP is named after a real friend of Michael’s. This friend whose life is made up of passion for new experiences, this especially being debauchery embodied the sensation of a big night out on the town and the feel after. This being an emptiness that feels never-ending. 

Opening with an uplifting piano Snakechild will instantly boost even the worst of moods. A pulsating bassline is prominent through the entire duration of the song and expertly reflects the sensation of being out at a club. 

Michael’s slightly airy vocals have an edge to them which allows the melody to ride on top of the punchy instrumentation. The dark melody has an undeniable groove to it which makes it instantly catchy. The chorus has its memorable moments which will no doubt be sung or shouted back at live performances. Expect this chorus to be one which will be stuck in your head for days on end. 

The synthesizer-heavy track comes full circle to end with the uplifting piano. After it’s last note you find yourself reflecting the feeling of the track. An emptiness, of sound, creeps in and you find yourself wanting to instantly play this track on repeat. 

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