Music Review: A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time by Tough on Fridays

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A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time is the debut album from Texan rock band Tough on Fridays. Since their formation in 2017 the well-seasoned performers have regularly graced the Texas music circuit, and for the last four years have played at Texas indie festival. Formed of Caleigh on lead vocals and guitar, Carly on bass and vocals and Chris on drums the band have previously released six EPs and several singles. 

A Fantastic Way To Some Kill Time features previously released singles from earlier this year which have received critical acclaim from Indie Band Guru, A&R Factory, Stereo Stickman and many more. 

The album opens with Party Scene which has a moody grunge guitar which makes you think that this track will be a sombre one. This is quickly dismissed with the successions of pounding drums and a brighter guitar tone.

The vocal tone and melody are reminiscent of late 90s grunge but with a twist of modernity. Lyrics which are dripping in angst, captivate the listener with their raw emotion. 

Next up is Pleased To Meet You which explores the anxieties that we feel when meeting new people. What’s interesting is that this is not a pared back track, which the meaning would make you think, instead, the guitar comes crashing through instantly. It’s progression of play not letting up at any point through the duration of the song. 

Out Of The Blue (The Deep End) delivers a courageous vocal performance from Caleigh, she doesn’t hold anything back in this emotive track. A catchy chorus which will be easily remembered by the listener is very simple in nature but works in the band’s favour. The instrumentation draws you in and doesn’t let go until the very end where it comes to end with a classic fadeout. This is a song which will sound great live.

Fourth on the album is My Favorite Mistake which was written and sung by the band’s previous bassist Kelly. You are instantly met with a rousing drum beat which accompanies twangy guitars. My Favorite Mistake keeps its listener on their toes. You are expecting the chorus to come crashing through in a huge wall of sound, however, instead, it continues with the more reined-in approach that the verses deliver. This is not necessarily a bad thing, quite the opposite really. It shows the bands versatility and creativity in the way that they can keep a listener interested.

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Sitting at the halfway point of A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time is Lonely Eyes/Pines. The more subdued track is drenched in reverb. 

Rather than being played with the urgency that we have seen from previous tracks the guitars seem to instead slowly bleed out their chord progression. This works in perfect harmony with the raw emotion from the vocals to create a track which is not only emotive in its delivery but also beautiful. 

Last Chance to Lose Your Keys was originally written by former American rock band Brand New, Tough on Fridays bought the rights so they could rework some of the lyrics and record it for their own repertoire. 

With a huge hit of the late 90s and early 2000s rock nostalgia Last Chance To Lose Your Keys is a much needed upbeat track after the rollercoaster of emotion that has been the previous three tracks.  

Bad Memories and Wishful Thinking is the shortest track on A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time. Sitting at just under two minutes the track is a more rock-fueled song which is heavy in bass.

Closing the album is the folk-rock styled track Patches. This is an interesting end to the album as I was expecting it go out in a thunder of sound. Instead Tough on Fridays have decided to end the album with a gentle acoustic number. 

Ending with a single strummed guitar chord Patches offers a satisfying end to A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time.

A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time is an impressive debut album from the Texan trio. With lyrics that boast an honesty that is wise beyond the bands young age and a well seasoned, mature sound, I am interested to see what Tough on Fridays will produce next.

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