Music Review: Every Single One of Us by Hannah Rebekah

Every Single One of Us is the latest single from American singer-songwriter Hannah Rebekah. Having played all around Japan, the US, the UK, Germany, Norway, and Canada it is safe to say that Hannah is a well-seasoned performer. 

With her unique sound which some may say is unconventional, but I’d coin it as passionate Hannah’s music explores the nuances of humanity and possibility, “in order to edge ever closer to the truth of existence.” 

Every Single One of Us is the product of growing up steeped in white midwestern American Christianity and then slowly unlearning it through conversations with the rest of the world.  

The track was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Brighton Road Recording Studios in Brighton, England by Ali Gavan, who also tracked five individual singles Hannah released throughout 2019.

The song opens with an acapella section which can seem quite disconcerting at first, however, this quickly turns into the cheery sound which Hannah is known for. Acoustic guitars follow in quick succession and even though Every Single One of Us has a darker undertone you find that your spirits are instantly lifted. 

Hannah’s vocals have a wonderfully bright tone to them which means you can’t help but feel uplifted when listening to any of her songs. From an interview that I did with Hannah last year (read it here), I said that her vocals remind me of Lauren Mayberry from CHVRCHES, they do still share the same light quality but I would say that Hannah’s, especially on this track, have a slight grit to them. 

The punchy lyrics and quick succession of each line have allowed Hannah to create a song which is soft in sound but hard in delivery. Every Single One of Us comes full circle to end with the same acapella section from the beginning. 

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