Music Review: Authenticity by Zamaran

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Authenticity is the debut EP from three-piece alt-rock band Zamaran. Based in Milton Keynes and Birmingham the band is made up of Keith Banwaitt on vocals and guitar, Sam Callow on bass and Matt Hiam on drums. 

The five-track EP explores loneliness in the digital age and feeling disenfranchised. Drawing from many musical influences Authenticity has a blues-rock vibe with a cinematic edge.   

Opening the EP is My Blood Runs Red. The intro builds steadily in sound which makes for an exciting opening to the EP. With powerful guitars and vocals with a gritty edge, the track has a sense of determination with the meaning of the song relating to never giving up until the very end.  

Just when you think the track cannot possibly amp up any further an intricate guitar solo adds yet another element of interest to the already engaging track. My Blood Runs Red has perfectly set the tone for the rest of the EP. 

Next up is Control. This track opens with bright guitars which are playing the riff of the song on a loop. This is an interesting riff which has the ability to produce some serious headbanging.

There is an undertone of darkness which comes from the story of the lyrics, wanting more control over your destiny. The vocals have a smoother quality to them and the grit from My Blood Runs Red is more reined in to allow the vocal melody to slide through the track. The underlying darkness sits at the bottom of the track with the vocals soaring over the top so as to let a feeling of hope shine through.

© Zamaran

Third on the EP is Living Here’s Not Enough. The softer track has a light opening with sets in motion the song’s slow drive forward. The lyrics and melody have a gentle nature to them which has not been seen from the band so far. The reaching melody is trying to find its peak and comes to life when the chorus pushes through.

The meaning behind the song was inspired by the recent Space X missions and explores the feeling of wanting to experience a life beyond the one you are already living.

Continuing with the softer vibes is Someone To Love. Telling the story of wanting to connect with someone outside of technology and the importance of real-life interactions the track has a raw emotion to it. This is relayed perfectly through the lyrics and calming melody. 

Closing Authenticity is It’s Time For Love. Conveying the message that we need to prioritise love in the face of adversity, fear and uncertainty the gentle track carries an uplifting feeling. 

It’s very interesting that the band have decided to end the EP with both a live and acoustic track. From the opening of the EP, I would have thought that Zamaran would want to close the EP with a bang. However, I must say that I really like the unexpected gentle ending.  

Authenticity has a raw gritty feel and it does not shy away from reality whilst trying to instil hope that things will get better. I really enjoy the cinematic quality that Authenticity has and find it impressive that although they are only a three-piece each track packs a punch as if they had six members. 

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