Music Review: No Ghosts Walk by Paper Tigers

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No Ghosts Walk is the third single from Belfast band Paper Tigers and is their most personal song to date. Formed in 2018 by Michael Smyth on guitar, Hayley Norton on vocals and Stevey Henry on bass, the band have two previously released singles Gucci Smiles and Flames. The two tracks have amassed over 20,000 streams with their accompanying videos hitting over 10,000 views. 

No Ghosts Walk has a bright and uplifting opening which is a stark contrast to the songs lyrics and meaning. Dealing with the loss of someone and the grief, confusion and often frustration that comes with it, the track has an underlying raw emotion which is expertly disguised by the guitars and pounding drum beat. 

The use of various guitar pedals in the opening creates a distorted sound which seems to be acting as a way of expressing the confusion upon hearing of loss. 

There is a raw emotion underneath Hayley Norton’s vocals that is punctuated by the snappy guitars. Her voice acts to guide the listener through the grief that the lyrics are expressing. She is also joined by Michael on vocals, with his tone painting the feelings of anger and anguish. Together they make a perfect balance between light and dark. 

The song builds right up until the very end where it all comes crashing to a crescendo, this being the bottled up emotions finally released. 

No Ghosts Walk is an excellent third release from Paper Tigers. With an upbeat vibe but emotive lyrics, this is music that all can enjoy. 

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