Music Review: I Hope This Works For You (Cause It Does For Me) by Kill ‘Em Charlie

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I Hope This Works For You (Cause It Does For Me) is the debut EP from Irish five-piece Kill ‘Em Charlie. Based in Tipperary Ireland, the indie rock outfit are made up of Eoghan on vocals, Patrick on guitar, Alex on guitar, George on bass and Damon on drums. 

Having been a band since 2009 Kill ‘Em Charlie are no strangers to critical acclaim and seem to reach new heights with every song they release. 

The first track on the EP is Dark Manoeuvres. The track has a punchy drum beat and hooky guitars which are dripping with an alluring darkness that holds your attention from the get-go.  

Crisp clean vocals deliver a catchy chorus which you will no doubt be humming for days on end. This chorus builds continuously but never seems to reach its peak. Leaving the listener with a great sense of wanting more from the track, the chorus has you hooked until the very end to see if it reaches the promised crescendo. 

Next up is Proper Quarter Life Crisis. Rolling drums open this track and are quickly accompanied by what I can only describe as classic indie-rock guitars. They are bright in tone and severe in execution.

A staple track on I Hope This Works For You (Cause It Does For Me), Proper Quater Life Crisis is unrelenting and pulls non stop punches that hit you square in the face every time.  

Victoria Avenue is a previously released track for the indie quintet and is also the shortest track on I Hope This Works For You (Cause It Does For Me). 

This track is all funky basslines and rolling drums which are a powerful driving force. Dynamically interesting and an excellent midway point of the EP, Victoria Avenue has the potential to be a real crowd-pleaser. 

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A much softer track compared to what we have heard so far, One Thing To Say is a turning point for this release. Reverb heavy vocals open the track with minimal instrumentation. The guitars have a more twangy tone which gives this track more of a folk-inspired essence. 

The pace picks up in the last part of the track and pure indie guitars replace the more gentle tone that we have heard so far. The drums become unrelenting and spur the song forward to reach its high energy finish. 

Closing I Hope This Works For You (Cause It Does For Me) is I’m Not Alone. Again this is a softer track compared to the first half of the EP and it has more of a pop-punk feel to it. Something of which I am loving. 

Wanting to keep the listener on their toes the track does a 180 and the energy amps up. The build-up after the bridge section sets up the track to be an excellent finish to what has been an EP packed with youthful spirit and tonnes of vitality.

I Hope This Works For You (Cause It Does For Me) is an impressive debut EP from Kill ‘Em Charlie. Each track packs it’s own punch and displays great musical growth since the band’s formation in 2009.

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