Music Review: Take Me Home by Sunset Collective

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Take Me Home is the latest release from Sheffield five-piece Sunset Collective. Relatively new on the music scene the band formed in late 2019 and jumped in at the deep end with their first-ever gig on the main stage at the O2 Academy in Sheffield.

Touching on the importance of taking a stand against unhealthy relationships and being courageous enough to break away from them. Telling you to keep your head held high and being brave enough to do something about it, the track has emotive lyrics which are cleverly masked by an upbeat melody. 

Instantly the song has that classic indie rock vie. With a driving drumbeat that keeps the track in constant motion and a hooky guitar riff, Take Me Home is set to be a crowd-pleaser when the band can play live again. 

© Magnolialux

Although the lyrics touch on a sensitive topic, Sunset Collective has managed to transform them into a song of empowerment with an infectious energy. The feel-good melody is pushed to higher heights by lead vocalist Sam’s impassioned performance and the jangly guitars which are heard throughout the entirety of the track.  

A section of intricate guitars lines invades the track before the last chorus to keep the listener on their toes. Symbolising the feeling of breaking free, the solo pulls you out of the hold the song had on you previously, much like the toxic relationship you are getting away from, and allows you to approach the final chorus with a sense of victory. 

Take Me Home is an excellent release from Sunset Collective which will leave the listener anticipating what they will release next. 

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