Music Review: Rip It Off by Lucy Warr

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Rip It Off is the latest release from electronic pop singer-songwriter Lucy Warr. Her debut single Energy was featured in many magazines, on various radio stations and playlists (including the Young Creative Press monthly playlist) and is now sitting at an incredible 29,000 streams on Spotify. If that is anything to go by, I think Rip It Off is set to be even more of a success. 

Rip It Off was written in the first lockdown when I was experiencing pressure to keep creative, to be happy, and enjoy the time I had to make music. Instead, I felt inadequate and was comparing myself to others, not giving myself the space I needed to stop and rest. I felt like I had to keep going; to pretend I was okay (when really I wasn’t). 

We live in a world where we turn to social media for comfort but are confronted with a ‘picture perfect’ display of happy lives. We all experience such an array of emotions on a daily basis. ‘Rip it off’ is about rejecting the facade, normalising what goes on inside our minds, and celebrating what it means to be human.”

With an atmospheric opening Rip It Off is a track with intrigue from the get-go. Produced by London based producer Tokøta, the track is a synth-pop masterpiece. 

An infectious beat is sustained throughout the entirety of the track to give what could have been a song of melancholy an injection of vitality. With soaring dynamics and vibrant instrumentation, the track is instilled with a sense of hope.

A staccato vocal melody accompanies Lucy’s distinctive tone to create a sound which is sweet yet punchy. This paired with the emotion-filled lyrics makes Rip It Off a track to remember.

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