Music Review: Hyaline by Honeybadger

© Tristan Flear

Hyaline is the latest release from Brighton based trio Honeybadger. Formed in 2016 by Eddy on guitar and vocals, Joe on drums and backing vocals, and Luca on bass and backing vocals, the band has an average age of just 17. I was actually surprised to find this out because they have such a mature and well-seasoned sound, which is probably down to the fact that they have been creating music for the last four years.  

Hyaline opens with a chunky bassline which sounds like it could do some serious damage. The track has a razor-sharp edge which is further fulfilled by the chugging guitar riff and staggered vocal. 

The track has a start-stop feel to it. The drums are a real driving force that keeps Hyaline in a constant trajectory.  

Eddy’s vocals are crisp but with a real gritty edge. The vocal line is what I can only describe as pure rock and the lyrics exude a coolness that allows the band’s youthful energy to shine through.  

This is genuinely one of the best songs that I have heard this year and I don’t say that lightly. There’s a wonderful youthful essence to the track that really works with the band’s style.

I’m impressed to see that at such a young age the band has created a sound that is extremely well sculpted and completely their own. Sign me up for more releases from Honeybadger! 

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