Music Review: Every Day Special by Piqued Jacks

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Every Day Special is one of the latest releases from Tuscany based band Piqued Jacks. Having formed in 2006 the band are no strangers to the industry and have won many accolades such as ‘Best Live Band’ at MusicaW and Global 12 festivals. They have also seen international coverage in the form of radio play from Kerran! Radio and BBC Radio. 

Every Day Special is the first single from their next album Synchronizer which is set to be released in 2021. The track is about living for the here and now and not letting life slip by.  

The track opens with a gentle building beat which soon moves into the first verse and its pinging guitars. A vocal line follows suit and its soft nature allows you to really listen and appreciate the lyrics.

In an instant the chorus bursts into action. The vocal takes on more of a desperate edge and you can really hear the emotion that the band are trying to convey. This jump in sound and style takes you by surprise but in a good way. You are instantly alert and can’t help but give the track your full attention. Frontman, E-King has an exceptionally high range and the overall sound is quite captivating. 

Before the song comes to its close you are treated to an intricate guitar solo. This section takes what you thought you knew about the song and completely spins it around, leaving you in awe by the time the track ends. 

Every Day Special by Piqued Jacks is an interesting track which seems to get better as it goes along. With moments of excitement and thoughtfulness, I am anticipating the release of Piqued Jacks next album.

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