Music Review: Brandi by Nothing Special

Brandi is the debut single from Oshawa indie rock band Nothing Special. Consisting of Dan Bell on vocals and guitar, Gabriel Higazi on vocals and guitar, James Carr on bass and Spencer Holmes on drums the band formed in 2017. 

Nothing Special has had interviews with local podcasts such as DC Riot radio and The Hodder Show and have also been featured on local college radio stations. 

The band are no strangers to the live scene and have played at Blackout Festival with bands such as Like Pacific, Southbound, The Anti-Queens and Seaway. 

All of the record sale profits from Brandi will be donated to the Haudenosaunee Land Defenders. 

Brandi instantly packs a punch with its high energy and hooky guitar riff. The upbeat, cheery vibe paired with the fast-paced tempo will make this a great song to hear live. 

There is a section of solo bass which is interesting as it is not something you would expect. The bassline is dripping in funk and brings balance to the track. This section doesn’t necessarily bring down the energy of the track but it does give the listener some room to breathe before the vocals come in again.

Frontman Dan Bell has a colourful vocal tone which helps to convey the meaning behind the track’s punchy lyrics.

The drums are a constant power in the track and it really helps drive forward the quick nature of the lyrics. Over before you know it, Brandi comes to a close with one last energetic chorus which falls onto a fadeout. 

Brandi is a wonderfully fast-paced track from the Oshawa indie rock band. From start to finish the track exudes a cheery energy which will brighten even the worst of moods. 

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