Music Review: Expectations by Molly and The Krells

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Expectations is the latest release from Sydney based quartet Molly and The Krells. Formed in 2016 by Blake Cateris on vocals and bass, Ian Knighton on guitar, Dan Taylor on guitar and Christian Scanu on drums, the band have two previously released EPs; Relationshit (2017) and Losing Friends (2018)

Their last release What Went Wrong received radio play from Triple J Short.Fast.Loud, Uncut & Unsigned, Good Vibrations and many more and has reached over 8000 streams on Spotify. 

Expectations, which was recorded at Electric Sun Studios, is a song about growth and being able to overcome the tribulations that we all hold on to.  

Although it sounds like this track could be a sombre one, it is actually more of a celebration of life. Reminiscent of early 2000s pop-punk, the guitar tone is bright and makes Expectations a track packed with real feel-good vibes. 

The lyrics of Expectations border on the good side of cheeky and they have a real spirited feel to them. You really get a great vibe from them and can delve into the story that they are painting. 

Frontman Blake Cateris’ vocal has an animated quality to it which is instantly uplifting and makes the tongue in cheek lyrics all the more punchy. His vocals really shine in the bridge section which is slightly pared-back compared to the rampant energy of the rest of the track. This section builds anticipation for the final chorus which comes to a close on a single sustained chord. 

Expectations by Molly and The Krells is a fun track with an infectious energy. This is the type of track which makes it hard to sit still when listening.

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