Music Review: Lights Out by The Lowtones

© Oli ‘Mav’ Mavilio

Lights Out is the debut EP from Norwich based band The Lowtones. Formed earlier this year the band are made up of Oli ‘Mav’ Mavilio on vocals, Jack Abbot on guitar, Tim Cary on bass and George Abbott on drums. 

The EP was a real DIY release. Everything was recorded and mixed by the band at the home. 

Lights Out explores the fear and anxiety that you can feel after a heartbreak and the lows that can be encountered when looking for love. 

Opening the EP is Feel Nothing. Frontman Oli’s vocals take you back to 80s post-punk with his deep punchy tone. 

A spirited guitar is prevalent throughout the entirety of the track and works as a great contrast to the thoughtful lyrics. The instrumentation of the track has an overall upbeat vibe and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. 

Although the track is melancholic there is an underlying sense of escapism which tries to break free from the depression. The instrumentation definitely helps with this, the guitar being the main liberating factor.  

Next up is Losing You which does not mess around with its introduction. Guitars and a rumbling drum beat instantly greet you and keep the track in constant motion.

The vibe of Losing You is an infectious one that is full of life. This track is a mirror reflection of the sombre feelings of Feel Nothing but with an upbeat edge. The despondent lyrics are cleverly masked with jangly guitars to bring up the mood of the track. 

© Daryl Earl

At the midway point of Lights Out is Ink. This track is an interesting one. Layers and sections of building instrumentation take you on an upwards journey throughout the duration of the track.  

The solid vocal medloy anchors you to the lyrics. This keeps you in hold from the swaying intrumentation which wants to pull you in all directions. The rise and fall feels like ink swirling in water. You find yourself sinking further and further into the lyrics.  

the lowtones

Beneath Your Skin, is a more laidback track than those we have heard so far. A sweet melody accompanies gentle instrumentation. This allows the listener to sit back and really enjoy every element of this song.  

Closing the EP is a darker track by the name of Let Go. The track brings the EP full circle to end on a similar vibe to its opening. 

The guitar line of Let Go seems to be playing the dark underside of the one heard in the opening track. Shrouded in bass and punctuated by the steady drums, the guitars give an intensity to the track which has not been heard from the band previously.   

In addition, Oli’s vocals have a deep sadness to them which not only greatly reflects the lyrics but also showcases the band’s emotive capabilities.  

Lights Out is an impressive debut release from The Lowtones. The DIY feel really comes across in each track and the emotional landscape the band has created is one to be envied. 

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