Music Review: Glimmer by Wynona Bleach

Glimmer is the latest single from Belfast based band Wynona Bleach. The band formed in 2018 by Melyssa Shannon on vocals, Jonny Woods on guitar and vocals, Aaron Black on guitar, Matty Killen on drums and Carl Gilmore on bass.

Wynona Bleach has supported the likes of Feeder, Lonely the Brave and The Slow REader’s Club. In 2019 they were personally invited to support Alice In Chains for their sold-out shows in Dublin and Belfast. 

Gimmer is the first single from their debut album Moonsoake which is set to be released in 2021.

Glimmer is a track with instant appeal. With a sound that is nostalgic of the 90s, the track has a razor-sharp lead guitar which demands to be heard. 

Rumbling bass and rolling drums make this an exciting track with a real feel-good vibe. The hooky guitars and looping riffs paired with the lively vocal melody make this a song which you can’t help but want to dance and sing along to.  

Melyssa’s vocals are punchy but with a sweet edge, you hang on her every word and are in anticipation for the moment that the chorus comes back around. Supporting harmonies from guitar Jonny compliment Melyssa’s vocals and bring the track to an even higher level of energy. 

Glimmer is an excellent first single from what I am sure will be an exciting debut album. It has a low anthemic feel that makes it a real headbanger of a track.

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