Music Review: Will You Stay For Christmas by Automan

Will You Stay For Christmas is the latest release from London based band Automan. The band is made up of Freddie Brown on guitar, piano and vocals, Huw Bell on guitar, synth and backing vocals, Oscar Donovan on bass and Jake Black on drums. 

Freddie and Huw have been writing music together since they were twelve and they like to tale the DIY approach with their releases. The festive track was recorded and produced by the band at home. 

The track is about the details which make a Christmas at home wonderful and to also encourage those who think they are ‘too cool’ for Christmas to have the confidence to scream their love for the season at the top of their voices. 

Will You Stay For Christmas has an introduction packed with gentle festivity. The track has a chilled vibe and brings a classy spin on what a Christmas song can be. 

Freddie’s vocals have a slight grit to them which gives this Christmas track an edge. Although with that being said the vocal melody is a smooth one which slides effortlessly over the instrumentation. 

Will You Stay For Christmas is a love letter to Christmasses gone by. The mood of the track perfectly reflects the worlds current situation but offers respite to these troubles with a sound which allows you to reminisce on cherished festive memories.

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