Music Review: PIN by The Violet Stones

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PIN (Political, Injustices, Negligence) is the sophomore album from Australian rock band The Violet Stones. Formed in Sydney in 2016 the band are made up of Sarah Jane Curran on vocals, Louis Libran on bass and Jarrod Mazzacca on guitar. 

The Violet Stones had a large back catalogue of successful releases including their latest single Power Hungry which features as a lead track on PIN. 

The album was recorded in Sarah Jane’s home studio and was mixed and mastered by Benedikt Hain. Exploring deeper into their own sound and bringing in some heavier influences, the album takes a unique twist on The Violet Stones’ usual grunge sound. 

Opening the huge 14 track album is Balanced. The Violet Stones do not mess around on this track and with an explosive opening, you know they mean business. 

As always Sarah Jane’s vocals are smooth. The soaring vocal line leads into the chorus which does not move as you’d expect. It seems like the chorus is going to amp up the intensity even further however it keeps the track at the same level. This allows for a dynamic change in the second verse which showcases a lower vocal from Sarah Jane. One which I am enjoying. 

A dynamic bassline and unrelenting drums are prominent throughout the entirety of the track. These set the tone for what can be expected from the rest of the album. 

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Next up is Sheets of Denial. This track has a more pared-back introduction compared to what we have heard so far. However, swooping guitars quickly interrupt this.

The track has weighty instrumentation which movies way to a full sound. As a result, you could easily mistake this three-piece as having double the amount of members.

Kill Me leads the way into a darker sound for the band. The track seems to revolve around the drums. They are unforgiving and have a sense of restlessness. 

Overtaking the usual fuzzy grunge, gritty guitars have created a new and interesting vibe for The Violet Stones. Paving the way for a darker vibe, these guitars showcase the band’s versatility and creativity.

Kill Me is about how society has the ability to brainwash and control us. The lyrical meaning and heavier instrumentation make for a perfect portrayal of this.

An earlier release from the band, Guinea Pig is another track with great dynamics. The reined-in verses make way for in your face choruses which really bring the song to life. The dynamics of this song are an important element of Guinea Pig. The highs and lows of the track showcase the band’s grunge influence whilst also keeping the listener on their toes. 


Shark, which is also a previous release for the band is an impassioned track. A volatile guitar riff opens the track and stays at the forefront throughout. Here you can really hear the heavier style that The Violet Stones are exploring. Something that they have done extremely well. 

The vocals create an intense energy which makes this a track that demands to be heard. When paired with the thumping bassline the energy takes on a new height. Therefore making this a track you don’t want to miss live.

Closing the album is the hefty seven-minute track What You Bought. With a gentle opening and swooping dynamics throughout. Consequently, the track acts as great closure to the album and brings a sense of finality to the experience.  

PIN showcases some of The Violet Stones’ most intricate storytelling to date. Each track has a prominent meaning and inspired lyrics to match.

In addition, if you are looking for a long release which takes you from the highest heights to way down low then I recommend you check out PIN.

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