Music Review: The Roamer by Hounds Haul

The Roamer is the latest release from Milton Keynes band Hounds Haul. Made up of Adam Bosworth on vocals and guitar, Jamie Smith on bass, Rein De Keyser on synth, Alex Ablett on lead guitar and  Kenny Cook on drums, the track is the fourth release from the band. 

Hounds Haul’s first single Riviera was featured on BBC Introducing and the band have seen online coverage from various blogs since. As a result, I am sure that this single will be a huge success also.

The Roamer was recorded at Damage Audio in Bedford and was produced by Ben ‘Faz’ Farestvedt.

The track comes crashing in with droves of energy. You are instantly hit square in the face by thumping drums and a rising synth. The sparkly guitars are a constant source of bright tones and give The Roamer a sunny atmosphere. 

Adam’s vocals add much-needed dynamics to the constant high output track. Adding a point of equilibrium for the instrumentation to follow, the melody allows the track to flow. The backing vocals add depth to the performance and makes the track something that you not only listen to but also experience. 

The Roamer is a track destined to be played at full blast. It’s driving synth-rock vibe generates a consistent lively sound which I have no doubt will make Hounds Haul an incredible band to see live.

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