Music Review: Dreamer by The Rapports

Dreamer is the latest track from Brighton indie rock band The Rapports. The four-piece formed back in 2016 has released three singles and an EP since. 

The Rapports have gained a number of great accolades including playing at The Great Escape festival, signing to French label Noa Music and supporting Cast at their sold-out Komedia show.

The band have recently come back from a hiatus following their 2017 EP; Come Home. They have also announced they are releasing their debut album; Taking Off in 2021. 

Straightaway you can tell that Dreamer is going to be a spirited track. Kicking in instantly the vocals are met with twangy guitars. These set the uplifted mood of the track. 

Frontman Thomas Skilton gives an impassioned performance. With acrobatic dynamics, his voice conveys an underlying emotion which is not entirely discernable from the lyrics. There is a rawness to his tone which gives Dreamer a gritty edge.  

A sweet guitar line can be heard throughout. This adds a nice contrast to the ringing electric guitars which are more prominent in the verses. The bassline adds intricate layers to the track and builds a strong foundation with help from the steady drums.

Although it is quite a hard-hitting track, Dreamer has an air of easy listening to it. This is definitely the type of song which you would happily play on a chilled out Sunday morning.

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