The 12 Books of Christmas: Holly Island by S.J. Crabb


Holly Island follows Scarlett Robbins who is tired of her current life and boyfriend. After seeing an ad online for a Christmas holiday at the remote Holly Island. She decides to quit her job at a book shop and go away for Christmas. 

Upon arrival at the Island, nothing is as it seemed from the ad. There are no members of staff at the hotel, other than the man who brought her there by boat. Straightaway she meets handsome stranger Leo, who she seems to connect with instantly. They are the only two current guests at the hotel. 

Once more guests start arriving they decide to stay on the island and make it a great Christmas for all. 


This book had so many characters that I honestly kept forgetting who was who. I actually think that Scarlett and Leo were two of the most boring characters out of all of them and their ‘romance’ felt very flat to me. 

Leo was definitely the worst character in my opinion. His personality does a complete 180 and it’s like he’s an entirely different person. I found him to be quite creepy and did not enjoy the romance between him and Scarlett and at all.

I don’t usually mind instant-romance, especially in this type of book. It just was not working for me here. This was probably mostly down to the fact that Scarlett is still with her boyfriend for the entirety of the book. You do find out that he has also been unfaithful, however, she has these romantic intentions towards Leo before finding out.  

I didn’t hate this book. I actually enjoyed some parts of it I swear. The festive activities that they did and some of the drama was really entertaining. The descriptions of the scenery were also nice, but this writing still felt very juvenile. There are some mentions of mature topics. However, I really do not know whether this is YA or adult fiction. 

The ending actually ruined this book quite a lot for me. I don’t want to spoil it here in case anyone is thinking of reading Holly Island. However, it was a little ridiculous and seemed so out of place with the feeling of the rest of the book. Let’s just say the ending was quite paranormal and it just didn’t make any sense. Nothing would have changed, the book would still have the same outcome if that part wasn’t included.

I definitely won’t be reading this book again, however if you are looking for a pretty quick read with a little bit of drama then Holly Island may be the book for you.


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