Music Review: Endless Days by Night Without Cars

Endless Days is the latest single from NYC indie-rock band Night Without Cars. Featured on their four-track EP Hurry Up and Wait it is the second single from the band. 

Formed in 2017 the band is comprised of Jack Weppler on vocals, Alex Laudani on guitar, Richie Cluxton on bass, Matt Carlin on keys and Micah Cowher on drums. The band are no stranger to touring and have even performer alongside Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, Gavin Degraw, Collective Soul, Andy Grammer and Switchfoot.  

Endless Days explores the mental health implications of loneliness, bored and monotony. Although written before the pandemic, the track is an accurate embodiment of the past year. 

Instantly, Endless Days is a track with interest. A twangy guitar riff and slow marching drums build excitement for where the track will take you. Night Without Cars’ ever-present 90s rock influence takes on a modern twist in the three-minute track. 

The meaning behind the lyrics will make you think that this is a melancholic track. However, it is quite the opposite. With layering elements and upbeat instrumentation, Endless Days is a dynamically vibrant track.

Frontman Jack Weppler exudes a confidence which can only come from someone who is a master at their craft. An unexpected key change near the end brings the track to an eruptive finale.  

Endless Days is a great taster for what I am sure is an excellent EP from Night Without Cars. With its moments of serenity and explosiveness, the track is one that caters for all.

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