Music Review: Ghost by Krapka;KOMA and JAGARA

Ghost is the latest release from Ukrainian duo Krapka;KOMA, who have teamed up with British artist/producer JAGARA. 

Krapka;KOMA launched their electronic project in September 2019 and have since released four singles, three music videos and even composed a soundtrack for a game. They have also played around 20 shows in Ukraine, the Netherlands and Spain, including the Waves Vienne 2020 showcase. 

JAGARA is a Berlin-based British artist and producer. JAGARA’s sound is influenced by 80s and 90s dance fever, trip-hop, metallic and industrial sounds and visions. 

Ghost is about that universal feeling of death when a chapter of your life ends and a new one begins. It also touches on how when things don’t go our way we should just shrug it off and enjoy what makes you feel alive.

Like every Krapka;KOMA track that has come before it Ghost can be summed up perfectly by one word. Ambient. The opening vocal has a haunting quality which transports you to another plane of existence. Simply beautiful.

JAGARA’s voice perfectly cuts through the foggy haze set by the lo-fi beat. The combination of both vocals makes a sound which can only be described as pleasant. These add to the already increasingly interesting elements of the track.

Ghost is an excellent collaboration between passionate artists. It is the type of track which allows you to get lost in its thrall and forget about whatever may be troubling you.

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