Music Review: From The Basement – Vol. 1 by Dorene

From The Basement – Vol. 1 is the debut EP from Candian rock band Dorene. With Vince Eagan on vocals, guitar and bass and Gray Laine on drums and also guitar, the two-piece is creating a sound that would make you think they are at least a five-piece. 

Heavily influenced by notorious indie rock bands such as The Strokes and The White Stripes, but also by 90s rock and grunge bands such as Soundgarden and The Smashing Pumpkins, Dorene is creating their very own sonic cocktail of them all. 

From The Basement – Vol. 1 was entirely independently created. All parts were written, recorded and produced in Gray’s basement studio. 

Opening the five-track EP is the lead track Eyes Wild. The track is the first that was not entirely written by Vince. Eyes Wild is the first full-band composition. The song encompasses the feeling of giving someone your all and helping to empower them, only for them to take all of this to use against you. 

This guitar riff is one that is likely to get stuck in your head for days on end. The instrumentation is well tracked and has a funk-fueled vibe. I can definitely imagine people bopping around to this track at a live performance.

The vocals have a distinct 90s feel to them and the track has wholly embodied the decade. Vince’s voice has a grit to it which genuinely surprised me at first. This was a feeling of pleasant surprise. His vocals give the track a gritty edge which reflects the DIY feel of the entire EP.  

Next up is No Cause For Alarm. Opening with a bright guitar tone, the mood of From The Basement – Vol. 1 is gently brought up. 

This however does not mean that the EP has lost is oozy grunge vibe. If anything No Cause For Alarm really drives home the grunge feel that started to bloom in the first track. 

The simple repetitive nature of this track makes it one which will be loved by listeners. The ability to memorise the chorus after just one listen will work extremely well in the band’s favour. 

What Could Have Been sweeps into the midway point of the EP with a cheery breath of fresh air. The track has a lighter tone compared to the more intense opening tracks and twangy guitars show glimpses into the band’s more indie influences.  

Closing the EP is Jack, the longest track on From The Basement – Vol. 1. Deviating from Dorene’s typical style. The track is another collaboration from both band members with the lyrics by Vince and music by Gray. The lyrics were inspired by a TV about the life of a psychopath, one that you can probably guess. 

Jack displays some of the bands best composition to date. A sweeping guitar line opens the track and transitions into soaring bends and Vince’s ever-present grit. The guitars are definitely the most interesting part of this track for me. 

Jack comes full circle to end where it began. The sweeping guitars and bends close the track and EP in a carefully dragged out manner. 

From The Basement – Vol. 1 is an interesting debut EP from Dorene. The EP holds buckets of potential for the upcoming band and leaves me excited to see what they will produce next.

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