Music Review: Shame by Skycabin

Shame is the latest release from California based duo Skycabin. Shame is the third release from Skycabin, which is a musical/visual project by Farbod and Sepand. Heavily influenced by Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack, the duo wants to create a new era of music that takes the darker side of the 90s and pairs it with a commercial twist. 

Marching style drums open the track. These are soon joined by an emotion-fueled lead vocal. The layers do not stop there. Joining the track is a whisper-soft backing vocal that seems to be calling out in desperation. All of this together shrouds Shame in an ominous undertone which only further piques interest for the track. 

Shame gives me real Linkin Park vibes that I am sure is pushed by the lingering solitary guitar notes. The song as a whole is actually quite simple in nature. However, the layering of effects and the two different vocals take it into another dimension. You are completely ensnared by the sound of this track as it invades your surroundings. 

The visual side of the project only elevates the music further. An accompanying video for the track features a one-shot recording. This perfectly encapsulates the vibe of Shame and brings the track to life before your very eyes. Check out the music video below.

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