Music Review: EP by Cherishes

This EP marks the debut release from Cherishes, a solo project created by Angelo Gambatesa. After spending many years playing in various bands, three years ago Angelo decided that he wanted to explore a solo project. From this Cherishes was born. 

As a whole, the EP explores confronting vulnerability whilst steering through the harder parts of life. Each track is used as a means of giving someone something of meaning through the medium of music. They also used as a way of navigating through loss and how this impacts your being. 

Opening the EP is Blue Thunder. Instantly you are put into a trance-like state as clean guitars wash over you. Triple tracked vocals create an echo effect which really drives home the feeling of being lost and not knowing which way to turn. 

The simplicity of the track is what makes it so beautiful. With no flashy tricks or embellished instrument lines, you can really appreciate the lyrics and feel the emotion that is pouring from the track. 

This emotion swells uncontrollably when you let Angel’s crisp vocal tone slide over your ears. Sitting front and centre his voice acts as an anchoring point amidst all of the emotion. 

Second, up is Gaslighting. With a continuous flow from the first track, it almost seems like they could be one long song that takes a moment to breathe before jumping back in at the deep end. 

Angelo’s vocals seem different on this track. More aware. More self-assured. There is a newfound confidence in his tone. While still carrying its emotion it demands that its story be heard rather than the gentle invitation of the first track. 

A more indie rock-inspired sound accompanies the raw lyrics which tell the tale of the pain of letting something go when you don’t believe you have the means to do so. 

Closing the EP is White Oaks, a slightly more upbeat track compared to what has been heard so far. 

A bright guitar tone can be heard throughout, shining its light to direct the listener towards the end of the release.

The tone of this track does not carry itself like the others. The pain and vulnerability seem to come from an entirely different place, leaning more towards hurt and anger. Anger is a strong word to use for a track as gentle as this, but its presence can be felt deep down. 

Angelo under the guise of Cherishes has created an EP that is real and raw. It is not often that you come across music so open and vulnerable as this. Projecting emotion onto its listener this EP is for those who like to feel something from the music they listen to.

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