Music Review: Ghosting (Me) by Sully

Ghosting (Me) is the second single from Melbourne based singer Sully. Returning with yet another catchy electronic pop song Sully will have you dancing around your house before the song is anywhere near halfway through. 

The song is somewhat of an oxymoron to me. It sounds both retro and futuristic. The music video definitely helps this along. It really took me back to the cartoon style videos that were everywhere in the early 2000s and the nostalgia trip made this track even better.

The pairing of Sully’s sweet vocal tone with the infectious synths makes Ghosting (Me) an instant hit. It’s not very often I find a song within the electronic pop genre that I like, however, this is a track I would play on repeat. Sully’s voice is the main reason for this. Although it is quite soft she still manages to pack a punch and hold her own against the energised synth soundscape. 

The lyrics take the idea of toxic relationships and ghosting and turns them on their heads. Bringing forth a sense of empowerment, the neon-bright track brings the listener to the realisation that they are worthy even without the person ghosting them. 

Ghosting (Me) is an electric second release from Sully. Expressive vocals, transcendent synths and relatable lyrics make this track one that you don’t want to miss.

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